Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sent: Monday, November 15, 2010 1:13 AM
Subject: Privet:):) 11/14/2010

Dear Family,
The work is going really good. A~ is really excited about the gospel he loved the Plan of Salvation and already believes it. He is reading the Book of Mormon and says if he doesn't understand it he re-reads it until he does. He is a great investigator. He gave Elder Z and I a really good compliment after the lesson. He asked how long we had been together and we said 3 months then he told us that it seems like we have been together for a long time because we are really unified. It was good to hear that. We have been trying to be more unified and that's one of our goals so it was really nice to receive a compliment that proves we have improved a little bit. We still have a lot to improve on but its nice to know we are improving and people are noticing that. Our other investigator is still progressing really well. She came to church again for the second time in a row. She told us about her answer that she received from God about the Book of Mormon. She says she is scared to receive an answer and that its really hard for her right now because she has grown up in the Orthodox Church and this will be a really big change for her. She said she knows the church is a special church and agrees with a lot of the teachings of it.
We are doing F.H.E at a members house tonight and she will be there. It will be awesome we are going to talk to her about baptism this week. She's a great investigator and will be baptized. A can't be baptized this week because he didn't come to church but we have two lessons with him this week and we will get him baptized in the coming month.
Its awesome to hear about the missionaries at home they are so right! help them out! The members here are good they actually do give us a lot of referrals. So its nice most of our investigators are from referrals. Its nice because they already have a friend in the church when they come to the meetings. There are kids here just in our branch,there are very few two little boys and 3 little girls. Very cute but that's just not enough ya know. haha. The other branch here has a lot of kids like 8 or so just the church is really small here and families are small. It will get better though. We have the only two young men in the city in our branch. They are good boys. Just small branch. the City is HUGE! there are kids everywhere in the city just none at church.

Yes mom, I am still losing weight but its okay. I am staying healthy I promise. Thanks for the spiritual thoughts and encouragement I love you guys lots
Love Elder Buxton

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