Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Sunday, December 19, 2010


There is sunshine in my soul today! More Glorious and Bright, that glows in any earthly sky! For Jesus, He is my light! The Sabbath was amazing as always.

This week was a fantastic week. We did well on our goals from last week and set some good new ones. We are teaching really well together now in my opinion and it is showing in our meetings. This week we had some great lessons with N~. Wednesday we read Alma 32 with her and discussed it that she knows that the seed is good and that she has already seen it grow in her. Yesterday after church was our best meeting with her though. We read with her Mosiah 15 and discussed it together and explained it more in debt and explained the Godhead to her very simply. It was a great meeting and she said that she understands it now. She also talked about how it seemed that church yesterday was especially for her. We are very excited about it. We set up meetings yesterday for everyday this week to get her ready for this Saturday. Its really exciting to see her growth.

We didn't have a Christmas program on Sunday that will be on Christmas Day. And it will be amazing. We aren't going to E~ for Christmas this year we will be staying in C~. But that's just great because its going to be an awesome Christmas! And yes we will be singing at the program. Of course, it will be in Russian Elder K~ and I are the only missionaries in our branch. I would have to say that my favorite Christmas song is frosty the snowman! haha remember when I got my wisdom teeth out and you asked me to sing a Christmas song? that was like a year ago! crazy huh? But seriously my favorite would probably be "I heard the bells on Christmas Day." I love it in Russian I sing it all the time. Sounds like the ward Christmas party was amazing as always. Its kind of sad because Christmas really isn't a big deal here. Its sad! But the church is kind of into it. N~ and O~ made really great ornaments with pictures of Christ on them and glitter and ribbons and bows and verses of Christ from the scriptures for everyone. It was really great to see that they remember the real reason for Christmas. We have been sharing "The Living Christ" a lot this week as our spiritual thoughts and it is so powerful! Read it. My testimony gets strengthened every time we share it. I wish that it was a bigger holiday here, but I'm glad that there is a few that know what its all about. I love hearing stories about the ward. Thank you. And thank you for the thoughts from Glenn Pace. He is one of my favorites. Remember the talk in the MTC that I love, he gave it.

Things with N~ are going great as I wrote. Thank you so much for all your support! Yes I know that it will be a White Christmas for her. I hope and pray. So everything will be awesome. Our branch is doing alright. Its -25 or so here and only 28 people came to church yesterday. We are trying to strengthen them and help them realize the importance of coming even when its ridiculously cold.

Thank you for everything really. When I call maybe I'll speak a little Russian in the beginning to scare you! don't hang up if you don't understand :) haha Love you guys with all my heart. I have the best gift in the world. I love this time of year to remember our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ and remember his birth and all that he has done for us. He is the Rock of our Salvation. May God be with you. Peace on earth good will toward men. Merry Christmas. :)

Love, Elder Buxton

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