Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sent: Monday, December 13, 2010 1:47 AM


This week was great our investigator didn't get baptized but its okay, we set a new date for December 25th. She thinks that the Book of Mormon and the Church have different doctrines (namely the nature of the Godhead). She says she doesn't know if she has received an answer from God or if it's just her thinking. We talked about how you know and read from Moroni 7 and that helped. She has a desire to be baptized just a few doubts that we are working on with her.What a great day to be baptized the 25th!!!!!!!!

I love the pictures of you guys at the temple. So pretty. Love to see my family and my cute nieces and nephews :) cutest in the world!

Elder K~ and I set goals and talked about teaching more in unity and I have already seen a big improvement. None of us are perfect of course but we can sure try and there is always room for improvement. And its true the more obedient we are the more blessings we receive. We have been talking about the Love of Christ and God a lot lately in our meetings. We talk about why love is the first commandment. When Jesus was asked "Master what is the great commandment in the law" He didn't hesitate to say "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength. And the second is like unto it. Love they neighbor as thyself." Why is that the first commandment? Because what we love determines everything. What we love is what we think about. What we think about is what we do. And what we do is who we are. And who we are is who we become. When we understand how much Jesus and Heavenly Father love us then our love grows. Even though we aren't perfect our Heavenly Fathers love for us is perfect! And his love for everyone is the same. He doesn't judge us by how we look, He doesn't see a sinner or a saint. His love for everyone is the same. Which is why He sent his Son Jesus Christ to atone for us so that when we do make those stupid, silly mistakes we can repent and partake of his blessings and feel of his love greater in our lives. That's why Love is the first commandment it leads to everything else. When we love, we will be obedient to every other commandment even if they do seem a little silly to us. It doesn't mean we will be perfect but it means we will be better. Like in the letter that the stake presidency sent to me "His ways are not our ways." When we understand that we become better.

I'm so glad that I got my package too :) It was wonderful thank you sooo much. And you are so smart next year I will put the wreath in the microwave but its okay because taco seasoning was all over it haha. Yeah everything tasted and smelled like taco seasoning but its okay I love taco's they don't have them here in Russia so I was very grateful :) :) All the CD's work and I love it. We are going to use them tonight on a lesson in fact. Probably the only missionaries in Russia who can use this last conference on meetings haha. We still haven't gotten the conference liahona. so thank you sooo much for the Ensign. Just about two weeks and Ill be calling you :) whooo hooo
The weather has been warm -5 through -10 which is actually so nice. Never thought I would say that. I didn't buy boots yet but I will, don't worry. It snows from time to time there's lots of snow on the ground because it doesn't melt but not too bad. It is dark a lot earlier about 5 or so. Mom, I am SO healthy you don't even know! Elder K is doing great. He's also healthy. We are getting along great too. We do eat mostly at home. Monday nights we eat at family home evening. Then sometimes people feed us randomly which happens a lot. Tell Paul and Ina thank you so much. Merry Christmas to them too! I think that a lot of mail doesn't get to me if they send it to the pouch address. Idk what the problem is. Pouch is weird and a few people have sent me dear elders and said that they sent a real letter too but I have maybe received one real letter while I've been here.

I love hearing about Cohen! He is sooo cute. Sounds like a hooligan at times but hey that's the purpose of life. taking after his Uncle and I would bet his Dad too ;) Thanks so much for your support and help. I am so in debt to you guys! Tell the ward hi and Merry Christmas. Tell Ed thanks for the letter and Stake Presidency as well. Its a great letter. I'm excited for Christmas its going to be amazing! Thank you again. I love you all

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