Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sent: Monday, November 22, 2010 1:04 AM
Subject: Re: Good Day:):)11/21/2010
Hey Family,

This was a great week. We got 21 lessons and we spent a day in Ekat. We only had 5 lessons this week as of Thursday but we set a goal and buckled down to average 5 a day until Sunday. It was really good. A went out of town this week so we couldn't meet with him but he is still reading the Book of Mormon and progressing. Our goals this week are to go out strong with Elder Z and start strong with Elder K. I loved working with Elder Z, he is a great missionary and I would say we both grew a lot these last two transfers. I am a little bit nervous for the new Elder but I know that we have a great zone that will help me and most importantly the Lord to help me.
I would definitely call this the miracle week of my mission. It was an amazing week! On Tuesday we went to Ekat with Elder Z for the last time :( Then Wednesday we meet with N and had a good meeting. Then also went to a Ballet Gizelle that night for our culture activity. So it truly was a miracle that we got 21 meetings this week. Then on Saturday we met with N again and read the doctrine of Christ in 2 Nephi 31. Then we extended the baptism date and she accepted a baptism date! December 11th!!!!!!!!! We are so excited. She really has a desire to be baptized but also said she has a lot of doubts. We had her kneel down and pray with us and ask Heavenly Father what he thinks she needs to do. We read Alma 34:26-27 where it talks about faith isn't a perfect knowledge and if you have a desire to believe, let that work in you. She is doing great. She also is sharing the gospel with her brother and he wants to meet with us pretty soon. We gave her a Book of Mormon to give to him and wrote our testimonies in it. So we are really excited about all of that. The Lord is working miracles among us. She has a really big desire to be baptized but she's scared that she doesn't know for sure that the church is true. We are going to help her focus on what she feels rather than her doubts she has in her mind. She's an amazing girl and a good example that we all can learn from I think. She reads the scriptures at least 2 times a day and more if possible. She has explained a lot to her brother and now they are having a race to see who can read the Book of Mormon faster. The Lord is working miracles here in Chely! Elder Z will be going to Ekat I will miss him a lot we had a great time together. My new Companion I am kind of nervous about to be honest. He is from the same town as Elder Z. And doesn't speak English at all. so my Russian will improve a lot faster than it already is. The language is coming along alright. It will get better though. I hope all is okay. I know with the help of the Lord all is possible. We had 50 people on Sacrament Meeting yesterday so the branch is doing good! I love Chely! really I do. The bus trips are finally done!! They were so tiring. But I did learn something that we could still reach the standard of excellence even when we are more tired than we ever have been on our missions. I love my mission it is awesome! thank everyone for their letters.
well I love you lots.

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