Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, January 3, 2011


Heyyyyyy Fam,

So because of the Russian New Year being so crazy I will just write one letter to all of you this week and it will be medium sized. Everywhere is closed and we are using ridiculously expensive internet right now. :) super nice too I might add.

This week was an amazing week. Our investigator was due to be baptized on Friday, it didn't happen but she will be baptized next Saturday. She opened up to us 100%. She knows that she is ready and is really excited about it but she had a really hard time when she saw on the baptism papers that she had to write her parents names. She said she knows that she is ready and what she needs to do. It’s just that family unity is really important to her, and now that she is getting baptized she doesn't want to hurt them. So she had a really hard time but we talked to her about it and fasted with her yesterday to help her family. She is doing amazing. We talked about concrete prayers and in every prayer she says "I have decided to be baptized the 8th of January. Please prepare the way for me." We have a goal to pray about that in every prayer. It has really helped. She realizes that the next step is her family and she has strong desires to help them. She already talks about a mission and really wants to serve. She is doing amazing and she has helped our testimonies grow while we have taught her. We are seeing miracles everyday here, the Lord is blessing us immensely.

So I'm an old man now. 20 years old. Lots of people remembered. Al, Jamo, Brenda, of course all the fam I was surprised. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. It was an amazing birthday and thank you for making it better. :) And of course you will get plenty of hugs when I get home Mom :) that’s a given. :) My birthday was awesome! Al getting ordained a priest (of course grandpa would mess up his hair), N opening up 100%. She and O gave me a really funny birthday present. Toilet paper and they wrote on it all the way to the end. They wrote scriptures and stuff. The last one was about patience. haha they are funny because it took patience to un-roll the toilet paper. Lots of people gave me stuff. I have sooo much candy people here are super nice and will give anything to you. And V came to church for the first time in 8 years! The Lord is blessing this area! It’s amazing. The best birthday of my life by far. Sounds like Wii bowling is getting a little more safe if the big dude didn’t have to ice his knees. :) haha I guess I’ll let someone else win something while I’m gone but when i get back tell Jamie to watch out. ;)

The Christmas Program was awesome. N and O brought some friends. They are so awesome they are trying to share the gospel so hard it’s really great to see. It was a really spiritual program. There will be a New Years activity this week and I think that they will bring more friends they are trying to find some priesthood for us :) I will have to say that it is awesome to be the Lords servant 24/7. The greatest blessing I could ever receive.
I’m glad if my letters can help some people back home. In fact they help me when I write them to be honest. Like I wrote Wrandi last week, if we live worthy our thoughts are the thoughts of the spirit. That’s how the spirit speaks to us, through our thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t always have to be a huge miracle. In fact it’s very rare if it is. So when I write I think of great thoughts and the spirit helps me. Without him I could do nothing. Thank you so much for looking into the contacts. About other stuff I have plenty of taco seasoning and stuff now. I will get back to you on what I need in my package next week. :) thank you sooo much. Chapstick is one thing though. :) The Holidays here were awesome. We stayed at home from 5 on the 31st until Sunday morning because there are too many drunks and crazies on the street. We made Russian salads, chicken, potatoes and ate red caviar (it was disgusting) but everything else was awesome! I will send pictures. Oh yeah also funny when we got in on Friday we realized that we were out of toilet paper and we weren’t allowed to go out for two days!!! Everyone we called thought we were joking and wouldn’t help us haha. But we did find napkins. :) haha funny story. Elder and I are getting along great we had a great holiday together and he says privet back. :) Didn’t buy the boots yet but I will. :) promise. This week I will receive all the stuff that has come to Russia so far. The Zone leaders are going to Ekat in the morning. So I’ll let you know if anything came in my letter next week. Well I g2g because this is super expensive. I love you lots, next letter will be sweet. And It will have pictures of the baptism. :) :) :) :)
lots of love,
Elder Carson

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