Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Best Week of My Life:)

This week was the best week of my life!!!!!! One of the hardest but the best as well. I was super sick it was terrible (but don’t worry, I’m 100% now). I didn't sleep very much and neither did Elder K~ because I was getting up all night all week. N's baptism was a miracle. It was amazing:) She did have a lot of temptations and trials this week. Satan tried really hard with us and her because he knows N is going to be a super strong member and an amazing missionary. N was really emotional and having a really hard time. But the Lord always gives us strength and comfort when we need it. We talked with her a lot about how God will always be stronger than Satan. She kept praying specifically for God to prepare a way for her to accomplish what he commanded her. Like He always does the Lord prepared a way and she was baptized! I baptized her and Elder K gave her the Holy Ghost it was an amazing experience. In Gospel Principles the lesson was on "Families can be Together Forever." It was a perfect lesson for her right after her baptism. Because that is one thing she is really big on, families, which is awesome. She shared an experience about how she wrote her feelings down after the baptism and she knows that there will always be hard times but that she can now read those feelings and it will help her throughout her life. The Lord always prepares a way. Thank you so much for your help and prayers for her. I will send pictures of the baptism. She's awesome!! I love the people here so much. :) :) :) My first baptism in Russia!! I have a goal for the New Year, to get 8 baptisms this year, one a transfer! I am still trying to work on temperance and understand it better and be able to apply it in my life better. I have been better at writing in my journal and it really does help me see how much I have been blessed here. I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to serve here in C. It was amazing.

Thank you for the CES fireside notes. That really was just what I needed to hear. The trials we have are to make us stronger! Elder Z and I talked about this often, that if we don’t have trials than it’s really hard to grow actually and how trials really are a blessing in disguise. V (the right way to spell his name idk what i was thinking last week) came to church again this week and stayed for all three hours! He loved it too! He wants to keep coming and serve a mission if he can.

Haha, mom, I know the toilet paper incident is so me. It would only happen to me!
Funny right? I knew you guys would get a kick out of it. And I miss the Big Dude always having a stock of toilet paper in every bathroom. That’s a tradition that I will take on when I get a family of my own. :) haha
I did receive a transfer to serve in Siberia the city of T. Its super cold there!! But only the second coldest city in the mission but also the wind doesn’t stop there. Yikes! But I'm excited. I'm going to be honest it’s really hard to leave Chely. I have been here for about 5 months already and have met some lifelong friends here. It is such a wonderful city. But I know that the Lord knows what he's doing. I'm needed in T for some reason now. This last transfer was one week extra-long and I think I know why…. so that I could baptize N. :) My new companion is Elder Y. He is from Russia around Rostov somewhere. It will be his last transfer then he is going home. He's the oldest elder in the mission. I will leave Chely on probably Friday morning take a long train to T and serve with him for a little over a month before he goes home. It will be a really short transfer. I think it’s a little interesting that I always serve with Native's. There are only 5 in our mission and this will be my 3rd haha. Elder R has been my only American companion in Russia. It’s cool though and it really helps me dive into the culture and language. :) which I love.
I did receive a package from Wrandi this week and it had been ripped open a little haha and had a big hole in it but everything was in there I think. No other packages yet though. Got a dear elder from you. No other letters. So idk. Dear Elders don’t have an address just dear elder and the mission. They print them out here I think idk. dear elders are totally different than normal mail.
I will cook for you when i get home for sure mom. I'm not bad I must admit I have learned a trick or two. Well next week I will be writing you from T and probably be freezing cold. haha! I love you guys lots! God bless!
Love Carson

P.S. HAPPY B-DAY CANDIE CANE!!!!!!!!! That’s Candace…. and that story of Jesse is hilarious!!!!!!!!
For Marsha's ? you can have a carry on and a personal item so yes like a carry on and a purse or a backpack or whatever.


  1. those russian girls are lookin kinda cute :)

  2. Love my birthday wish...made my day!!! Love our boy:)