Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, January 31, 2011


This week was great, but crazy to say the least. So, Tuesday night we get home at 9 o'clock and the zone leaders call us and said to come to the church and help with the accident. We show up and a window was open in the church. Because of the freezing temperatures, the hot water pipe right next to the window exploded. There was steam coming from the building. Everyone thought it was on fire. Luckily it wasn't and only a pipe broke. But it did a lot of damage. There was like a foot of water upstairs. It leaked down through the floors. The ceiling of the sacrament hall caved in and a lot of other ceiling downstairs too. That night we just got all of the water to stop leaking and tried to get it as dry as we could. We were there until about 12 at night. Then we came back the next day. We spent the whole day and cleaned everything and and got it all dry and ready to remodel. Then Saturday, we came and spent all day doing the remodel it was a disaster! But we got it done and it looks just like it did before, besides a few things like bubbles upstairs in the floor. It looks good. So we had an opportunity to do a lot of service this week for the branch. It was quite the experience. Felt like I was at home helping Dad and Gilmere :) haha

I did receive the conference Ensign that you sent and the temple one but not the ones that you mentioned. I'm excited though to receive them. They sound amazing. :) Thank you for that thought because we really do become what we want to become by CONSISTENTLY being what we want to become.
As for the weather here, it did warm up a little. It was about -8 to -19 or so at the beginning of the week. Then it got cold again. Now its back up to -13 or something, not too bad. Our investigators are doing well. We had one that came to sacrament this last week. Then we found out she lives in the zone leaders area and passed her on to them. That's okay, we are all on the same team and they are way amazing missionaries. Which leads to your other question, I love the other missionaries serving here. Elder Frazer was my zone leader in Chely and Elder Gillming is also awesome. They are great guys. That's all we have in the city of about a million, us four elders. haha. Then there are two elders in Kurgan which is a 4 hour bus ride away. Two elders in Sergut which is a 16 hour train ride away and that's it for our zone. Pretty small compared to other missions. Like Tyler's he said that his zone is big. We see the zone leaders about 2-3 times a week usually. If there isn't an explosion at the church, if that happens then more often haha. Thank you for your prayers miracles truly are happening here. Should be some baptisms coming up from the zone leaders area. They have a few goldies getting ready.

Congrats to Jamie and Nate getting the house I prayed for them all week. It seems as if everything is great judging by Jamie's letter. Cohen is so hilarious. I can see Jamie trying to lift him up to shoot the hoops haha. What a stud. They are a great family! Great examples! I agree if I happen to go to the U, Cohen and Avery are two very big pluses to living with them:)
Sounds like Wrand is doing awesome as well. It seems as if her and I are always on the same page across the world and we read the same things to get comfort and feel the Lords love for us. That's what's amazing about the gospel. I pray for you guys everyday. Tell Candace and Ginger thanks so much for their letters. I'm always so happy to hear about the fam and how everyone is doing. All of the people that I love and care about. :) and Jess is a hoot about the magic fish book that he hates haha. Also glad to hear that Guy is doing better. Sounds as if it was a really hard time. Big dude can't be slacking off and taking 3 sick days every 15 years ;) haha Also thank you for the letter about the thoughts about Christ. That is a goal of our mission right now. To direct our thoughts to Christ. Think of Him, Learn of Him, Teach like Him. The whole works. He is the reason why we are able to return to our Father in Heaven.

I didn't get another letter from the stake presidency. It was the same one, only on paper but its a great letter. I read it often. It has great points in there. The birthday package was amazing and I should get the other ones this week, I hope. The Zone leaders are going to Ekat tomorrow for ZLC. So they will bring the mail back if it's there yet. The ring did fit. Not on my left hand but I've jammed my right hand enough that it fits haha. The cologne did make it in one piece :) Right now, I can't really think of anything that I need. I always forget to think of stuff that would help. Next time, I'm in the moment of thinking what would help, I'll write it down or something. Good to hear about my boy Jamo!! Always being the man! Getting the Duty to God award. Tell him I'm proud. :) Well this is the only email that I am going to write this week. Sorry I didn't have much time and this one is big. So send it to the fam. I love you lots everyone!
Tell ALVIN good job on the VARSITY JERSEY!!!!!!!!!! Whooo that's sick! I'm excited. That's my boy.

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