Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, January 24, 2011

Time flies by! We are in what is called old T~ but its the same as new T~. T~ is a great city but I kind of ate my words when I wrote last week that it wasn't that cold. This week it was between -20 and -30 with a good wind chill. It’s freezing but I am staying warm so don’t worry. :) I really like T~. Already we have a few investigators. Not really progressing right now, but I'm sure we can get them there. There hasn't been a baptism in the city for over a year. So we have some work to do here. The Zone Leaders have a few candidates that are pretty close though, so we are praying for them. There are 4 missionaries in the city and about 25 active members that come to church each week. The members here are great like everywhere of course and are strong. We have a lot less activating work to do. We are trying to build and support the branch to get everything running smoothly like it should.
Elder Y is doing great. He's a great companion. Really quiet, humble and peaceful, it’s nice. The apartment that we have I really like. It’s the nicest one I've lived in so far. They found it a few transfers ago, so it’s still in good shape.This one is in great shape. We do keep it clean. :) I'm kind of a clean freak here. I don’t want to get any sick disease.
Yesterday after church we had a great day. We had a few meetings with members and then a member’s son and his girlfriend showed up. We showed them the building and had a great lesson with them. His mom is a really strong member and will help us a lot with them so I’m excited about them. We are also teaching another family right now which is awesome. Families are the best! They almost got baptized a year ago so we are working hard with them and trying to find out there needs and help them understand why baptism is needed. I know that it can happen. The key is the spirit. Without the spirit we can't teach. I saw how it worked with N~ and many others. I know that miracles happen. We just need to do our part by showing our faith, being obedient, diligent and teaching with the spirit. I really like that story that you sent me about the miracles that happened to get the church started in Russia. They didn’t let the hard times get them down and give up. They prayed and showed faith even when it seemed impossible. The Lord provided like always. The work will go forth!! Its hard because the work is tough. Sometimes it seems impossible and that nothing is happening but we have to remember patience on the Lords time. Patience isn't just sitting and waiting it’s actively doing our part so that the Lord can work the miracles. I know that the Lords plan is PERFECT and if we do all that we can we will be blessed. Fear not! Believe only! :)

Sounds like things are crazy at home this week! I’m sure that it will look great though. Dad is the best there is. So good luck. Send some pics when it’s done. I'm excited to see. Tell the Big Dude to get better! Geez, that’s not good. I’m always praying for you guys and thank you for all the support. Oh yeah, I got the package from you with the cd's and ring and stuff. It was awesome. Those hymns are awesome. Piano solo's that bring the spirit and relax and the other cd's work great too. All of them. I also received letters from the branch :) tell them thanks and that I love them. From the Stake Presidency I got an amazing letter by the way tell them thanks too. And a Christmas card from the Trujillo's tell them thank you as well and that I love them. Well, I love you lots thanks for the contacts, they will help a lot. I hope. (if I can get them in my eyes now that I have grown up a little ;) Tell all the family that I pray for them everyday and hope that all is well. I'm sure all will be well. :) The Lord is on our side. Random thought: I love the song "Lead Kindly Light" lately great message look up the words. I love you all so much.
Hey had a few mins left. Tell Candace and Brayd thanks for the letters. I love them. Jess is a hoot! Tell him that I think that there wouldn’t be a better choice than his wonderful Dad to be the person who should baptize him. How awesome is that, to have a worthy great dad who holds the priesthood baptize you. It’s a rare sight in Russia to see a Dad baptize his kids. I have seen it once since I have been here and it was a great experience. Well, I love you all!!!!

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