Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From Russia with love!

Whats up? This week was a great week! Two baptisms and two new members of the Church. I had the opportunity to give A~ the Holy Ghost and it was an amazing experience. He worked in a Russian Orthodox Monastery but found the true church about a month ago. They found this last week and he lost his job at the monastery and he was jobless and T~ is an extremely expensive city. So unfortunately he left yesterday and moved to where he is from around St. Petersburg to find work and live. It was a really hard time for him but he was so happy when he was baptized and received the Holy Ghost. He already talked to the missionaries in his new area and they are ready to receive a new member. :) He's an amazing guy.

Zone conference was amazing as always. We learned about what it means to be a successful missionary. They lifted us up a lot it was great to hear. We also learned how we can teach the apostasy better because that is a big problem here in Russia probably everywhere actually but it was a big help. President Allcott is amazing. Both him and Sister Allcott are great really loving and spiritual. A~ is doing good. Still working on a few problems before she can be baptized but things are good. We set up a plan on what can help her and she is trying to follow that plan. You are right that if we just learn to give it up to the Lord and have him be your partner then life is so much better. Other investigators are doing alright not as well but alright. A~'s friend met with us and it was a great lesson and he accepted a baptism date for the 26th of Feb but hasn't met with us since. He didn't come to church. A~ said that all their friends are putting them down for meeting with us. So that's a little rough but things will be great. This is Elder Y~'s last day here, then he is home. Crazy to think that. He is the first Elder to go home since I have been in the country! We had a young mission but its getting old now and we haven't had any new ones for awhile. I learned patience with Elder Y~ and also I am getting more confident with my Russian. Elder W~ who was in the younger group at the MTC with me is coming here to be my companion. Don't know all that much about him but I hear that he is awesome. The Assistants told me I'm in for a treat. :)

Happy Bday to the big dude turning 62!!! Geez and also to my cute nephew that will be 2 on friday. Crazy how time flies 11 months on the mission pretty much already. Tell the kids in St. George that I love them and miss them. Give everyone a big hug and kiss from me. Also good luck with helping Jamie and Nate with the move. :) glad to hear things are great.

Haha Elder Z~ is the man! Seriously me and him are like best friends and will be friends for life. Those two transfers we both learned a lot about ourselves and helped each other improve. I agree with him and I can say all the same things that he said about me the same about him. I learned a lot. The Lord really has blessed me by putting great people in my life. :) please. He's such a happy guy. Tell him hello from me as well.

Crazy to hear about the Jazz! Jerry quitting huh? I'm sure that it wasn't D-Will. Hes a stud I agree with Guy. Glad to hear that the Y is doing good in ball as well that's sick. I havent received the packages yet but Elder W~ comes in tommorow night so maybe Ill get lucky. :) I bought a new suit on the credit card, sorry I didnt know you but money on the other one. :0 And EVERYTHING is more expensive here in T~. Its ridiculous. I forgot the camera this week and I have a picture of me and Elder Y~ and me and A~ and then I'll send one of me and Elder W~ next week I promise.

I just want to thank you all for all that you have done and do for me. I Thank the Lord for his tender mercies and blessings. I have the best of everything. You all have changed my life for the better and for ever. I cant thank you enough. Really thanks for everything.

Hey, challenge for you guys it's what we do with the members in the Europe East area of the world. Read 2 chapters from the Book of Mormon a day and mark what you see about the atonement of Christ. Also pray in every prayer for "those who know not God." Maybe get a cheapo clean copy of the BOM and see how much you can mark in it about Christ and the Atonement.
I love you lots!!!!!!!!!! keep smiling. love you lots

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