Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, February 21, 2011

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011
Hey hey hey,

This was a great week! Things are going really well. Angela is fasting with us today and we will close it together tomorrow. She has a baptism date for this Friday because I will be in Kiev this Saturday. Yes, Kiev and we don't have time to go to the temple while we are there. :( I was looking forward to it but oh well Kiev will be awesome. But anyways A~ is doing great she is keeping the commandments and preparing for baptism. We just have to do the interview and make sure she is ready and committed and she will be baptized Friday! :) :) :) Also we have found a few promising potentials on the bus this week so I'm hoping we can get some new investigators. Tonight we have a meeting with P~ who is a former investigator that we found in the area book so that will be awesome. We have a great lesson plan set up.

Sounds like your week was awesome as well! The warmth of St. George doesn't seem real anymore. Its been -27 or so this week, all week long. But I'm glad that you can enjoy the warmth :) Hope you gave them all my love and I hope that everything will be okay with them. I pray for them every week to stay strong. I really do like that story of Jamie sharing the gospel with the cousins when she was such a youngun. haha. It really is amazing how big of a testimony little kids have. There are two little girls here (ages 5 and 2) that are hilarious. Their mom has taught them well. Their dad isn't a member but if someone is wearing too short of a skirt or something they are sure to tell them the rules. Its hilarious. Cohen sounds cute as ever can't wait to kick it with that little guy when I get home. 2 years old! CRAZY!

So A~ moved but he called and he has decided that he needs to return so he's getting all his stuff and wants to return in a month if he can save up enough money to get started in Tyumen. (its an expensive city.) So I already told you about A~ and how great she is doing but for her friend A~ he gave in to the peer pressure and isn't meeting with us. But like I said, we have a few great potentials coming up this week. Elder Waddington is great we were in the MTC at the same time just he was in the group younger. He is a really diligent hard working missionary and a great cook :) He loves to cook. I really have enjoyed serving with every companion I've had. Oh yeah Elder K~ is who I will be going to Kiev with so that will be awesome. The Lords plan is perfect everything isn't always a nice smooth road but you learn and grow and find the greatness in each and everyone of your companions. The Lord knows who you need to be with. I heard a quote in Zone Conference by C.S Lewis. "God loves us as who we are. But he loves us too much to let us stay that way." He is molding us and making us the best we can be if we just let him. I love the scripture "Be still and know that I am God."

As for my boy Elder Z~ that stuff sounds great. Idk what he would prefer in English probably. Idk. He'll love whatever he gets. I got the contacts this week and I'm already a pro at getting them in and out. It's so nice! so I guess the packages that Jamie and Candy Cane sent are lost forever. :( but thats okay. :) I did bring my camera and will send some pictures to you! :) Only I don't have a picture with Elder W~ yet. The Gospel is true. I love you all.
Tell the Garb that I love him haha. Thats Gary Nelson.

Big dude thanks for the letter and for all your support! Sorry I didn't have time to get ya off a decent letter today. Oh yeah and K~R~ is my new mission president! can you believe it? crazy right? well i love you lots.

Love Cars

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