Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey hey hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got transferred to Ekat! I will be a fetching office elder. Haha never saw that coming,but whatever, I'm really excited and I'm finding much joy in the work. My new comp is Elder Olsen from Brigham City. He's really cool. He is in my visa trip group so I already know him well. I'm really excited. So I just got in Ekat and we don't have any more time. Sorry I will write next week. Oh and also in the office sometimes we don't really get p-days and don't have time to write home. So everything is fine if you don't get a letter from me. I love you all very much! Yeah, I didn't get really any emails last week. But all the ones from last week and this week came so I was a little confused. Next week everything should be awesome. I'm really super happy and love the mission. I have learned that the most important relationship is between me and the Lord and then everything else will fall into place. I know the gospel brings true happiness. I love you all!
Love Cars

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hey Fam,

I want to thank you so much for your letter this week. It really did bring tears to my eyes. These last few weeks have been really tough. Lot of ups and downs on the mish. I hope you know that I love you. I will say that right now I am having a lot of feelings of inadequacy and am having a hard time feeling good about myself. However I do feel the love of God daily and see miracles daily as well. I never really realized the hand of God in everything before my mission but really he is everywhere. I have a loving family back home. A wonderful Mom who worries about me :) And it just so happens that Wednesday was when I started feeling a little better. Thank you for your love. :) The gospel is so wonderful because there are always second chances and opportunities to become better each and everyday. I really do love that quote that God loves us as who we are but he loves us too much to let us stay that way. Thank you for the thought that President Richens shared it was really good. We have great leaders back home. The Sabbath was great as always. A~ has been inviting her friends to sacrament each week and finally one said that she would come and A~ was so excited. Then she didn't show up and she was really disappointed and down on herself. We explained that everyone has their free agency and that we can't get down. If we as missionaries got down every time someone didn't come that we had invited we would just be super sad all the time. haha Its great to see her desires to share the gospel I just hope that she doesn't get discouraged. In gospel principles we learned about the priesthood and all the blessings that come from it. :) Thank you for the talk from Jeffrey R Holland. I love him! I do know that there is help and that Christ always knows how we feel. I have been letting myself ask the stupid question of why me? Or thinking that I don't deserve what's happening but that's all wrong. I have been trying to align my will with God's and learn what he wants me to learn. Its harder when I'm being stubborn or blind but if I can just find the way to give all the trust to him and try to receive that help I know things will get better. The Lord is my light and I promise you that I won't ever give up! Just gotta be patient on the Lord's time. I will say that I have learned a lot of patience lately so the trials that I'm having are a blessing immediately. "Always rejoice" I don't remember where that is in the Bible but its there and Elder Z and I read that verse all the time haha.
This week we worked really hard but didn't really see the success that we wanted to see. But there I am being selfish again in saying that. C~ won't answer her phone or anything and ditched us on a meeting and Idris is out of Tyumen for over a month. :( But we are trying really hard to find new investigators. Last night we talked with a great man and women on the street who believe that there is something higher than us but don't really know what. We gave them the Book of Mormon and challenged them to read Alma 18 when Ammon teaches the king about the Great Spirit and the king is converted. They were super humble and nice and said that they would definitely read and would like to meet. So hopefully we can help them recognize the love of God in there lives. O~ was baptised and it was amazing! She is a great member already and is so willing to learn. Elder W is sick right now so we are hoping that he will get better soon. Thank you so much for sending another package I love the ones that are filled with love. :) They are the best. Elder Z will love it too. Yeah I have been bustin out the piano skills and of course I play the train song every time. :) It's the best. I play the hymns but only the top hand or the hymns made easy. :) haha I really stink but I like to play. Its funny that you remember the train song and its even more funny that I still play it haha.

Yup this week is the year mark and time has flown by. I can say that I really do love the mission and have grown a ton. I have learned what it truly means to be happy and it is so much different than what the world thinks happiness is. I have come to know my Lord and Savior more closely. I also learned a little Russian along the way believe it or not. ;) I am seeing my blessing being fulfilled right before my eyes. I'm happy that Braydee will soon get her blessing. Tell her I'm proud of her. My suit is great. I do look good in it;) Haven't you seen a picture? Transfers we will know on Friday. I could leave, I could stay anything could happen. I do love Tyumen it is a super great city. Congrats to Mitch Hales! Do you know what language he will be speaking or what mission in the Ukraine?

Tell Sasha good luck on the mission. I will tell his family privet from him when I get to serve in Ekat. Love you all lots. Tell all my friends hi from me. Thanks for the updates on the union sports. Well I love you lots.
Love Carson

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Fam,

Hey things this week were good. We had a really hard working week and focused on finding a lot. We did find two new investigators I~ and C~. So I hope that we are going to be able to meet with them regularly and help them recognize how the gospel is needed to everyone and how it helps everyone. A~ is doing amazing! She brought a referral to one of our meetings with her which was a miracle in itself because I~, the guy that was supposed to come on the meeting couldn't help us and he had just called us 10 mins before it was going to start. We have a rule that we aren't allowed to meet with women when there isn't a man there and the meeting was at the church. So we were feeling a little down because we had two meetings drop through already that day. We were going to have to wait for A~ and tell her that we couldn't meet because I~ didn't come. So I started fiddling around on the piano remembering my old skills haha and she rings the doorbell to the church so Elder W looked out the peep hole to see who it is and It was A~ with a man. I was still walking into the room and he yells "Elder! its a miracle she brought somebody we can have the meeting and get a new investigator!" It was great. He was just some guy that she met on the street on the way to the meeting. He was not open when we met but it was amazing that she brought him. Then after our meeting we see them in the park sitting on the bench and she is talking with him about the gospel. He was very strong in his religion but it was great that she is sharing the gospel. Though he actually didn't become a new investigator it was great to see her testimony grow and her efforts put forth. She is growing and learning. Also she has another friend that we are going to meet with soon hopefully she brings her to F.H.E tonight. It was a little bit of a bummer at first we had 0 investigators come to our F.H.E last week for our finding activity but the Zone Leaders had one who used to be ours before we passed her over. Her name is O I wrote about her when I first got here she was the first investigator that we had at sacrament meeting when I first got here. So anyways she was there and it was perfect for her. We played games in the beginning. Then shared John 3:16-17 then watched "Finding Faith in Christ" Then after we read Alma 7:11-14 my favorite scriptures about the Atonement that talks about how Christ took EVERYTHING upon himself. We discussed the verses and then had the members that were there testify. After the meeting we were eating cookies and she says to the Zone Leaders I only have two more meetings with you then I can be baptised right? haha what a miracle. It was a bummer at first that no one came but it turned out to be a great night! she will be baptised on Friday. :) :) :)

Thank you so much for your letter. I am super happy and I do love my mission and find joy in doing the work of the Lord in obedience. This last week was pretty tough and I found myself thinking that I didn't deserve the things I was going through. However I did deserve them! All the trials and tribulations that we were going through was just what we needed. Sometimes we are blind and can't see why we are having trials and tribulations. But we know from the scriptures that the Lord does prepare a way and also that he will not give us trials or temptations that we cannot suffer. We pushed through our trials and tribulations and we did see many miracles along the way. We see many miracles everyday the Lord blesses us and knows exactly what we need always. I needed to be more humble, patient, and loving. And through all the trials I did grow in ways I can't explain. I know that the Lord provided a way always. He is my strength and my salvation. Thank you so much for that great talk it was amazing!! You guys always seem to send just what I need to hear. I didn't hear about that earthquake at all until today that is terrible. I'm glad that all the missionaries are safe. The Lord watches over and blesses us. We have a great calling and there is no greater work.

I try super hard to be 100% obedient I do slip and make mistakes sometimes but I really do have a testimony of obedience a HUGE testimony of it. I have seen so many miracles and great things happen thanks to the focus and obedience we have here in our mission. I love you all, with all my heart. Thank the fam for the letters. I don't have time to write anyone else today. Tell al that I will get him a letter soon for sure and that I love him and am super proud of the growth that I have seen in him. He is going to be a super great missionary and we are best buds for life. He can count on that. And give them all my love too. :) I love you guys so much. Thanks for the support that you all give to me.
Elder Buxton

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wazz up fam?

Time really does fly. It's crazy seems like just yesterday that I wrote home to you. But I love every chance that I get to read and hear and write home. Families are so important. Glad to hear that my boys came over and watched some T.V and had some of my milkshakes while I'm away, holding my fort down. ;) I love them all. Also I got a letter from Truffs yesterday for my birthday. :) Made my day. Thanks Truffs I love you. Haha I love hearing the stories about Cohen seriously they are hilarious! He is a little stud. Although he should not spit at his mom. :( But I still love him anyways. Haha the Joseph Smith story is great as well. He's so smart. He's just taking after his uncle. Glad that my nephew has good examples in his life while I'm away. ;) That's so awesome to hear about Avery as well. I can't wait! 6 weeks huh? That's the same amount of time as a transfer. So she's just up there for her last transfer strengthening the work there. ;) Sounds like the remodel is going great and the pictures were amazing it looks beautiful! Can't believe that Big Al aka Alvin has his licence now. That's crazy! He's rocking the shag too, lookin good man. Braydee also sent me a picture and she looks so great and is quite the athlete. :) Proud of my family. I did get to meet the mission president of the Aland's which was awesome. I told them to tell the Aland's hi from me. :) Tell Paul to let me know when he gets his call. Hopefully to the Russia Ekat mission seems like I'm gettin hooked up out here with the basinites. :)

So this week was a good hard working week. Right now we really have no investigators that are meeting regularly with us or progressing. So we worked really hard and tried to talk with everyone that we could. We did find a conductor on the bus that is really nice so hopefully we can get her to meet with us. Right now we are struggling with finding new investigators. Right now we aren't really seeing the immediate success of our efforts but I know that it will come in the time of the Lord. I mean A~ was a miracle that came out of no where she just called us one day and wanted to meet. That was the labors and hard work of another missionary who gave her that invitation a long time ago. So even if we don't see the immediate results it doesn't mean we aren't being successful. The success does come on the time table of the Lord. Tonight we have a great activity planned at the church for a F.H.E with investigators and less actives. So we are hoping to see quite a few there and get some new investigators and start baptising in the month of March. (which is my year month btw) just saying. My health is awesome of course and my feet are doing really well too. For the package I did think of some things but I forgot it seems like now. I guess gummy things like the watermelons would be nice. I have enough spices for now, music is always good. Those talks of Jeffery R Holland were scratched last time so maybe those two talks again. "Remember Lot's wife." and "Cast Not Away Therefore Thy Confidence." Just send great things like you always do. I'm always so grateful at what you send me. It's always perfect. Which by the way Wrandi's letter this week to me was awesome! Just what I needed to hear. I really loved the thoughts she shared about being recommended to the Lord. This week we have been listening to Alex Boye or however you spell that. The guy in the mo tab. He is amazing. Maybe a CD of his would be awesome. I love his songs my favorite right now is "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." And the other one I really like is "It's not about me its all about you Jesus." Really good songs maybe you could find them and listen to them i think you would enjoy them. Well I love you guys lots. Keep it real!
Elder Carson Buxton
PS I have alot of letters written but just not got them in envelopes yet haha. I will do that soon. Big dude thanks for the update on BYU. Too bad the center got kicked off. But hey rules are rules. Let me know how everything goes.
Remember that Hope in this world is only a prayer away. Another quote from one of Alex Boye's songs. They really are so good. Cohen is such a cutie and I'm glad that he is learning the good stuff. Tressa wrote me a letter about a little girl in her class in primary that when she showed a picture of Jesus and little kids they asked the class what it was a picture of and a little girl raised her hand and said "its Jesus teaching the kids the GOOD STUFF!" haha I love that it really is the good stuff and my nephew is learning it because he has great parents that are taking him to the good stuff. Thank you so much. Good luck in everything. I love you guys lots.