Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wazz up fam?

Time really does fly. It's crazy seems like just yesterday that I wrote home to you. But I love every chance that I get to read and hear and write home. Families are so important. Glad to hear that my boys came over and watched some T.V and had some of my milkshakes while I'm away, holding my fort down. ;) I love them all. Also I got a letter from Truffs yesterday for my birthday. :) Made my day. Thanks Truffs I love you. Haha I love hearing the stories about Cohen seriously they are hilarious! He is a little stud. Although he should not spit at his mom. :( But I still love him anyways. Haha the Joseph Smith story is great as well. He's so smart. He's just taking after his uncle. Glad that my nephew has good examples in his life while I'm away. ;) That's so awesome to hear about Avery as well. I can't wait! 6 weeks huh? That's the same amount of time as a transfer. So she's just up there for her last transfer strengthening the work there. ;) Sounds like the remodel is going great and the pictures were amazing it looks beautiful! Can't believe that Big Al aka Alvin has his licence now. That's crazy! He's rocking the shag too, lookin good man. Braydee also sent me a picture and she looks so great and is quite the athlete. :) Proud of my family. I did get to meet the mission president of the Aland's which was awesome. I told them to tell the Aland's hi from me. :) Tell Paul to let me know when he gets his call. Hopefully to the Russia Ekat mission seems like I'm gettin hooked up out here with the basinites. :)

So this week was a good hard working week. Right now we really have no investigators that are meeting regularly with us or progressing. So we worked really hard and tried to talk with everyone that we could. We did find a conductor on the bus that is really nice so hopefully we can get her to meet with us. Right now we are struggling with finding new investigators. Right now we aren't really seeing the immediate success of our efforts but I know that it will come in the time of the Lord. I mean A~ was a miracle that came out of no where she just called us one day and wanted to meet. That was the labors and hard work of another missionary who gave her that invitation a long time ago. So even if we don't see the immediate results it doesn't mean we aren't being successful. The success does come on the time table of the Lord. Tonight we have a great activity planned at the church for a F.H.E with investigators and less actives. So we are hoping to see quite a few there and get some new investigators and start baptising in the month of March. (which is my year month btw) just saying. My health is awesome of course and my feet are doing really well too. For the package I did think of some things but I forgot it seems like now. I guess gummy things like the watermelons would be nice. I have enough spices for now, music is always good. Those talks of Jeffery R Holland were scratched last time so maybe those two talks again. "Remember Lot's wife." and "Cast Not Away Therefore Thy Confidence." Just send great things like you always do. I'm always so grateful at what you send me. It's always perfect. Which by the way Wrandi's letter this week to me was awesome! Just what I needed to hear. I really loved the thoughts she shared about being recommended to the Lord. This week we have been listening to Alex Boye or however you spell that. The guy in the mo tab. He is amazing. Maybe a CD of his would be awesome. I love his songs my favorite right now is "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." And the other one I really like is "It's not about me its all about you Jesus." Really good songs maybe you could find them and listen to them i think you would enjoy them. Well I love you guys lots. Keep it real!
Elder Carson Buxton
PS I have alot of letters written but just not got them in envelopes yet haha. I will do that soon. Big dude thanks for the update on BYU. Too bad the center got kicked off. But hey rules are rules. Let me know how everything goes.
Remember that Hope in this world is only a prayer away. Another quote from one of Alex Boye's songs. They really are so good. Cohen is such a cutie and I'm glad that he is learning the good stuff. Tressa wrote me a letter about a little girl in her class in primary that when she showed a picture of Jesus and little kids they asked the class what it was a picture of and a little girl raised her hand and said "its Jesus teaching the kids the GOOD STUFF!" haha I love that it really is the good stuff and my nephew is learning it because he has great parents that are taking him to the good stuff. Thank you so much. Good luck in everything. I love you guys lots.

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