Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, April 11, 2011

So this week was busy and wonderful as usual! We went to zone leader council (office elder has it's little perks) and got some amazing training from President Allcott and mission leaders. We talked about how we need to find more people and use our faith in our finding. Faith=Power. We talked also a lot about finding joy in the work rejoicing always and thinking always about others. We watched the Joseph Smith Movie except it was from Emma's point of view and it was really powerful. So that was really great. Also general conference was amazing. Seems like it gets shorter every time its crazy! I really loved Uchtdorf's two talks. At least I think it was him that talked about Paul and Joseph Smith? I hope so but I really also loved his talk in Priesthood. He was just straight forward with us all and said that we need to apply the things that we write down and not just write them down. He talked about living below our privileges and about the power of the priesthood. We all can say that we know what the priesthood is but do we really know what the priesthood is? I have been taking his challenge and been reading the "owners manual" Doctrine and Covenants 20, 84, 107 and 121. (he related that you can have the best computer in the world but until you turn it on, read the owners manual and really use it, it doesn't reach its potential.) I thought that I need to do as he said and become an expert in the gospel and especially the priesthood. I need to live up to my privileges and really partake of the blessings that this power that I hold really has! I don't think that we comprehend what God has entrusted us with. I know that I haven't comprehended, at least. But I'm trying to become better and really try to live up to the privileges I have. Also, I really loved the focus on families. I loved the talk on a Christ centered home and teaching Celestial principles in the home. It seemed to have a great family focus throughout the whole thing. President Monson threw down on marriage so, sounds like those boys that can get married better step it up. haha.
Sounds like life is great for you guys at home and I'm glad. Thank you for all that you do for me and the support you give me. I love you so much and am in great debt.
Tell Weston happy b day!!!!!!!!! Tell Jess congrats on the wrestling and the baptism!!!!! that's so awesome! Tell the whole fam hi and that I love them! Sorry I don't have that much more time so I'll let you go. I love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!
Love your son, Carson

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