Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yo yo yo,

So yuppers I got sent to Ekat. I guess like Wrandi said president wants to keep a close eye on me. haha. And Yes my boy Elder Zhdanov is here. He's my zone leader. It's great to see him again. We were both really excited to be able to work around each other again and he tells you all privet. (every week if I forget he says that.) And it just so happens that I met Sasha's mom yesterday!! At first, I didn't know who she was. She came into church and asked if we called her yesterday. I said no I don't think so. Then she said it was an Elder from Ukraine (Elder Zhdanov) had called her and invited her to church. Then we said that he was upstairs so she went up and didn't find him but came to our branches sacrament. Then Elder Zhdanov came in and talked to her later and said that this is the Elder that knows your son and she was really excited and happy and invited us all to come over to her house. :) So either this week or the next week we will be going over there. :) So tell Sasha privet! She actually lives in center Ekat which is the zone leaders area too now because it got shut down and the sisters left. We are struggling with numbers right now in our mission. Tyumen also got shut down and there are only 2 missionaries there now. We have 48 missionaries in our mission and by summer it will be down to 41 :( So we are struggling with areas and we don't have enough missionaries to cover every area. So missionaries are taking over two areas and having to do a lot of work. In our area here in the office we have 23 members total and 9 of them are active. It's the smallest area in the mission but its because we are in the office a lot. Monday we don't go to the office unless there is a problem that we need to take care of (like today we are here right now fixing up some visa trips and travel for president.) My companion is the travel secretary. He takes care of all the travel that happens in our mission and trust me it's a lot of travel. I am the Member Records Secretary and do all the same thing that a stake executive clerk or something like that does. Except I do it for the whole mission which is huge boundaries. I work with stats, baptisms and all that stuff. Its kind of interesting I learn stuff here that I wouldn't learn anywhere else, but I would rather be out on the streets more often. But oh well I love it all the same. The mission is great. :) :) :) Glad to hear that Wrand had a great time in Ireland and I'm excited for my package :) Give grams and gramps big hugs from me and tell them to stay healthy! Its still cold here not 60's but not too cold it's alright. We should be able to watch general conference this next week! I'm really excited but it really just snuck up on me. It seems like yesterday that it happened and now we are watching it again. Time is flying by. We should be able to watch it in English here in Ekat so all is well. Can't wait to watch general conference its so powerful and amazing. Hearing the prophets words there is no better time of the year. Can't wait to see it. It's so much better when your not a punk kid anymore that just sleeps the whole time haha. It's so good I cant believe that I took it for granted before the mish. About sending conference again yeah why not? It was great last time. Thanks a lot :)
I just finished up Helaman this morning and read in the 16th chaper about how they feared to sin. That really hit me that we need to FEAR to sin and put our faith in Christ and be perfected in him.
It's interesting that you have been thinking about the Apostle Paul a lot. I also have been thinking about his great example and his amazing attitude. He had a great material life before he was converted to the gospel. I've been reading He had riches and a great reputation in the Jewish community all that he could have wanted in this life for material things. However he counts them for Dung now that he has come to know his Savior and partaken of his glory. He rejoices in trials and tribulations! What a great example of a humble man willing to let the Lord mold him how he wants him to grow. I also could definitely use a Paul Attitude :) He made a lot of changes in his life for the better and that's the purpose of life is to become better than we were the day before. If we want to reach our goals and become better and become that Man of Christ we have to wake up in the morning and live each day as if we were already that man then we will eventually become what we want to be.

So here in Ekat we live with the AP's and have quite a bit of contact with president so its great to be around him and learn from him. We live not too far from his house but we are moving soon to a pretty nice apartment I hear. The church building here is new and it is sooo beautiful. No doubt the most beautiful building in our mission. I'll send pictures of everything I didn't send any pictures after Chely but I will get some to you next week alright? Promise :) I love the mission! Also I love you guys so much. Thanks for all that you do. Much love.
Tell Candy cane that I love her and her great family!!! I look forward to their letters next week and they are in my prayers always!!!!!

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