Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, June 27, 2011


This week was a great week as usual. We have been seeing great progress with one of our newer investigators Z. She is an older woman about 50 I would guess. She has been searching for the truth and investigated many churches and knows the Bible very well. At first she was a little skeptical about the Book of Mormon but the Spirit is helping her recognize it as scripture. We had a few great meetings with her this last week with some great member help and she loves the branch and the branch loves her. So that is a miracle that she is changing and having great spiritual experiences at church. She is a great lady. Also this week we were over at I's house having a meeting with his mom and his daughter and L was in the other room and not doing so well. (she had been a little cool to us the past few weeks and hasn't been coming in on our meetings.) But while we were there she got really sick in the other room and they called the ambulance and they came and got her. I~ called us and asked if we would go to the hospital with them to see her yesterday and of course we said yes. So we went there and she did look terrible still but was very happy to see us all. It was great to see her family there supporting her and to be able to support her as well. Hopefully this experience helps her realize that living by the commandments is the only way to be truly free and happy. I have learned to grow to really love the commandments with all my heart on my mission. When we are obedient, the Lord will bless us. They are a great family and I hope to see L~(his sister) and L~ (his mom) receive the gospel in their lives and be happy. Y~ is 13 years old and she lives with her mom in another city that is outside of Ufa (which doesn't have the church) but she tries to come in on breaks and is here for most of the summer. I~ was baptized like a week or so before I got into Ufa last year so he's been a member for over a year so he is an elder. We have been trying to get his help on blessings and he is a little nervous but will at least anoint with the oil so we are working on it slowly. He is great and will be a friend for life. Yesterday after the hospital we were talking about friends and how important they are because they have such a big influence on us. He talked about how his friends before he got baptized don't even talk to him anymore because he told them he won't do the things he did before and he invites them to church. So he said he knows who his real friends are now. In my area there are quite a few members. We have the biggest branch in the mission and about 80 people are coming now in the summer. In the winter it was about 116 but the gardens outside the city in the summers are killers for people following the Sabbath day. The branch is really strong and has great members. Ufa really is a special place, I'm really thankful for the opportunity to serve here. The Johns talked yesterday at church for their last time because they are leaving this Sunday to go back home. They gave great talks and will be greatly missed. Them and the Allcott's have done so much for me. I guess I told you that we found those names that grandpa sent in their family tree so we are related. haha. We will welcome the new Sr couple the J's in Ufa next week sometime. We are excited. This is Elder Smiths last transfer as well and the time is flying by!
When the Rust's get here I don't think anything special will happen. We will be going there in July for Zone Leader Council but that will be the first time we will see them and that's just the zone leaders.
Yes, I do see Elder Z a lot few times a week at least and he says to tell you hi. He's doing great and really appreciates your letters and love. He really is my brother. He's a stud and a great example to me. Thank you for all that you do for me fam. I love you lots. You are great. I keep you all in my prayers much love.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Привет всем,
This week was a great week! I's daughter Y~ was baptized and he baptized her himself! :) So great to see a Russian Father baptize his daughter. She is great and was super prepared. We haven't been able to meet with L recently but L, I's mom is doing really well. She came to the baptism with T (L's son who is 1 1/2 and super cute) and then came to church with him as well all by herself. She is a super nice grandma and we can see progress in the gospel with her she is feeling a lot more on our meetings than before I would say. Y~ is doing really well we are still trying to figure out if his Dad has custody or not to see if he can be baptised. They are a great family. He also has a cute little sister S and their mom is a great strong member. We have been seeing a lot of opposition in the work lately and we all know its because something big is coming up. The Lord is laboring with us in his vineyard and is working miracles.
About the weather haha yes it has rained sooo much this year and really hard each time as well. The roads turn to rivers its crazy! Last year was really dry but when it rains it pours this year it has been raining and pouring constantly. I love it. Its so pretty Ufa is a beautiful place there is such a special spirit about it. Also you can tell grandpa that we are related to the Johns! We found all those names in his family tree. :) haha
Glad to hear that you had a great b-day! Did you get Elder Z's letter that week as well? Cool. And of course he knew because I told him way back in May that it was coming up and he sent it. I do remember things pretty well. I remember Mar's because she would always say June 18 instead of June 18th haha. Random but I remember. Transfers were this week and Elder Smith and I will still be here in Ufa together this is his last transfer so it will be a good one full of miracles and tender mercies from the Lord. Also Elder Z will be in my zone! He'll be here this week and is serving with Elder K who I also served with from the same town as Elder Z. It will be sweet.
I did receive letters from the Seminary that were great! I will try to get them all answered. Also I got the package from Ireland and the institute sent me a letter as well updates from the tute. Tell Al to email me. I did get Candy Canes email this week! Thanks Candy Cane!! haha Well I love you all so much thanks for all you do.

Dear sister Coleman,

How are you doing?
I`m so excited to tell you the best news ever, I`m going to Ufa and I will serve in the same zone with elder Buxton, He`ll be my zone leader now :) And I have a visa trip on this next transfer that means we will go together. I don`t know if i good cook, but I will try to become the best cook XD And I will make comething Ukrainian or Russian for you because I just really like to cook, it is something what i can do hours. I had really good experiences here on a mission and i would like to share with you some of them, But I dont have a time to do it in English, I`m to slow when i write in English, so I decide to send you letter what i wrote to the president. But you need to use translator, and if even you couldn`t understand with the translator you can ask next time and i will try to explain more)
Thank you for writing, i understand everything;) And I do not speak fluent:)
Say hi to everyone at home.
I hope you will have great week, I`m praying for all of you.
Have a great day,
With love,
Your Ukrainian Son Elder Z!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey hey hey, HAPPY B-DAY MOM ON THE 16th! And Mar on June 18 ;)
Hope you enjoy the pics. I sent a copy to myself so I could make sure I looked good in them and yeah i look good ;) jk. totally kidding.
But this week was great! Zone Leader Council was amazing as always. Its always so humbling and spiritual. President and Sister Allcott have been great examples and great leaders its going to be sad when they leave. They always inspire and teach so well. When you go into Zone Leader Council you do get beat up a little and know exactly what you are going to do better and how you will do it. The mission has been such a blessing to me and I am learning life skills here. We talked a lot about planning and how we can do better because if we plan well all other aspects of the work fall into place. I would say that was not a strength of mine before the mission. Goals and planning are such important parts of life that I am learning and improving on while here on the mission. I still have a long way to perfection but the Lord is molding me into the instrument that I need to be. Unfortunately L~ and L~ won't be baptized this week. Satan is working really hard and putting some barriers in our way. But I know that everything will be alright and that they will be baptized soon. I's daughter is getting baptized the 18th though so that's great! Also another young boy Y, if his dad will give him permission will be baptized the same day. He is a great kid and I hope that everything works out. He wants to be baptized and has great desires his mom is an active member but got divorced and her ex husband isn't giving permission for him to be baptized because his new wife is against the church or something. So that's really sad but things will look up I know it. We did see I and M on the bus when I was on splits in my old area. They are great boys and are reading and praying everyday but we just can't get in to meet. But I know that things will start to work there too. the Lord is blessing the work. Satan is working hard but we all know who is stronger. :)
I am so relieved that grandpa is okay!!!!!!!! whoo hoo that's awesome. Tell him I love him and will find out if we are related to the johns this week. They were out of town for district meeting in Chelyabinsk because he is in the mission presidency. Also no I haven't gotten any letters from Candy Cane for a while. Your thumb looks sick though! That's crazy. haha I'm glad that you are okay. Elder Z is doing great and did give me a hug from you haha. I love you all so much I didn't have much time today, so I'm done. Much love you are in my prayers.
Love Cars


Dear Sister Coleman,
Thank you for your letters, I really appreciate it. it helps me to keep up on good desires to help people around me. I did see elder Buxton and it was an amazing Zone leader council, I learned a lot. Especially about planning, and I see how it helps me in my work here in Russia. I hope Cohen will learn how to say Ukraine:) So when I`ll come he can call me at list by my fatherland name:)
Probably it is really hard for everyone in USA call me by my last name:)
I had a dream few days ago, and in this dream I almost went to the Temple with elder Buxton on my visa trip. Maybe next transfer we`ll serve together and we`ll go ti the Temple.
I know that This is true Church and i see lots of miracles in my life. I know that gospel brought all those miracles. And I really grateful for everything what Heavenly Father gave me.
Remember all blessings you have received. And you will receive more.
Have a great week.
Thank you for everything!
Your son from Ukraine, Elder Z.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whats up?
So this week was a great week in Ufa. I would say one of the great miracles that happened this week was a service opportunity that Elder Cordon and I got to do while Elder Smith was on his visa trip. (Elder Cordons sister is serving in Sasha's mission in Vegas) Anyways there is a young member here in Ufa, V, who is a great strong member. Her Mom and Grandparents are pretty against the church but this week we had the opportunity to carry a couch up to the 9th floor for them haha. It was a super nice leather couch but Russian stair wells are really narrow and it ripped the couch a little bit unfortunately. When we got it up to the 9th floor it wouldn't fit in their doorway. :( Her mom was funny she was like "hey I'm a woman I saw it I liked it I didn't even think to measure it." Then they called the company and they came and took it apart and took it in the house. She was hilarious. They were extremely grateful and were extremely nice to us. It was a great opportunity to serve a part member family and at least better the relationship between them and the church I hope and pray for them.
R has been out of town and we haven't been able to get ahold of him. :( So he didn't get baptized. But he will I'm sure he knows that the church is true and he is golden. I and M also we haven't been able to meet with again yet but they are also golden. I's mom and sister are doing really well and are on date for the 16th of June. They are such a great family and really excited to learn more each time.
At the Kiev temple I did do the session in Russian. Ukrainian is kind of similar but not really I can understand the words that are the same but no I couldn't talk or even understand a full conversation in Ukrainian, I'm guessing. But they mostly speak Russian in Ukraine so I'm alright. I would love to visit with you one day as well. Especially where Elder Z is from nobody really speaks Ukrainian. School is in Russian and everything. The temple is beautiful and placed right off the highway for all to see its great.

Sounds like lots of sicknesses were at home this week. That's not good. You are all in my prayers. I have been getting Grandpa's letters and the Johns are really excited to find out if we are related. I just forgot to print the names last week to check but I will get them printed today and I'll get back to him on that. I hope and pray that everything will be okay for him. That worries me that he is not doing so well but I know that all is in the Lords hands. Give him all my love please and all the family. Great to hear that Avery got blessed that's awesome that she wore the same dress as Jamie. I sure do want to see pics when you get them. Also you said you almost lost your thumb? crazy! and this is all you say to me. "Well you probably heard I almost lost my right thumb this week." Haha Mom you cant just say that I am on the other side of the world. Where would I hear that from unless you tell me how?! haha Oh my goodness how did that happen that's not good I hope that everything is okay. And not a problem about the shirts I'm sure that they will be alright. I am praying for you all so much I hope that the sicknesses, the open wounds and the thumb losing comes to a stop though. ;)
The Allcott's leave the beginning of July. :( Today we are going to there house for Zone Leader Council and it will be there last one. :( But It's going to be great!! :) We arrived in Ekat this morning at 12 a.m after getting on the train at 8 a.m yesterday in Ufa. It's quite the ride and is extremely beautiful. The Allcotts will only be with the Rusts for a few hours then President "hands him the phone and says its all you." thats President Allcotts own words haha. Everything is great here. I'll look forward to hearing from you next week. I'm in Ekat so I'm sure I'll get my mail and packages while I'm here. I'll let you know what I got next week. I love you all soooo much. Isn't the Big D home? If he is, give him a big hug from me and tell him to write. I want to see a pic of him as well. Well I love you. Anything I can do? questions anyone has?
From Russia with love,

Dear Sister Coleman,
Thank you for sharing elder Buxton`s words, i`m really happy for him and especially because hi had an opportunity to go to the Temple. I know that I will go next time for sure and I pray that the Lord will give us chance to go together. And you have really big privilege to go to the Temple it is not far at all. I just want to encourage you to go there as often as you can. I really like and appreciate the Temples. It is the best place in the whole World!!
Thank you for everything I`ll see Elder Buxton tomorrow so I can hug him from you. I`m really excited to see him.
Take care, and say Hi to everyone there from me.
Love you all.
Have a great week.
Your Ukrainian son elder Z.