Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, June 20, 2011


Привет всем,
This week was a great week! I's daughter Y~ was baptized and he baptized her himself! :) So great to see a Russian Father baptize his daughter. She is great and was super prepared. We haven't been able to meet with L recently but L, I's mom is doing really well. She came to the baptism with T (L's son who is 1 1/2 and super cute) and then came to church with him as well all by herself. She is a super nice grandma and we can see progress in the gospel with her she is feeling a lot more on our meetings than before I would say. Y~ is doing really well we are still trying to figure out if his Dad has custody or not to see if he can be baptised. They are a great family. He also has a cute little sister S and their mom is a great strong member. We have been seeing a lot of opposition in the work lately and we all know its because something big is coming up. The Lord is laboring with us in his vineyard and is working miracles.
About the weather haha yes it has rained sooo much this year and really hard each time as well. The roads turn to rivers its crazy! Last year was really dry but when it rains it pours this year it has been raining and pouring constantly. I love it. Its so pretty Ufa is a beautiful place there is such a special spirit about it. Also you can tell grandpa that we are related to the Johns! We found all those names in his family tree. :) haha
Glad to hear that you had a great b-day! Did you get Elder Z's letter that week as well? Cool. And of course he knew because I told him way back in May that it was coming up and he sent it. I do remember things pretty well. I remember Mar's because she would always say June 18 instead of June 18th haha. Random but I remember. Transfers were this week and Elder Smith and I will still be here in Ufa together this is his last transfer so it will be a good one full of miracles and tender mercies from the Lord. Also Elder Z will be in my zone! He'll be here this week and is serving with Elder K who I also served with from the same town as Elder Z. It will be sweet.
I did receive letters from the Seminary that were great! I will try to get them all answered. Also I got the package from Ireland and the institute sent me a letter as well updates from the tute. Tell Al to email me. I did get Candy Canes email this week! Thanks Candy Cane!! haha Well I love you all so much thanks for all you do.

Dear sister Coleman,

How are you doing?
I`m so excited to tell you the best news ever, I`m going to Ufa and I will serve in the same zone with elder Buxton, He`ll be my zone leader now :) And I have a visa trip on this next transfer that means we will go together. I don`t know if i good cook, but I will try to become the best cook XD And I will make comething Ukrainian or Russian for you because I just really like to cook, it is something what i can do hours. I had really good experiences here on a mission and i would like to share with you some of them, But I dont have a time to do it in English, I`m to slow when i write in English, so I decide to send you letter what i wrote to the president. But you need to use translator, and if even you couldn`t understand with the translator you can ask next time and i will try to explain more)
Thank you for writing, i understand everything;) And I do not speak fluent:)
Say hi to everyone at home.
I hope you will have great week, I`m praying for all of you.
Have a great day,
With love,
Your Ukrainian Son Elder Z!

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