Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey hey hey, HAPPY B-DAY MOM ON THE 16th! And Mar on June 18 ;)
Hope you enjoy the pics. I sent a copy to myself so I could make sure I looked good in them and yeah i look good ;) jk. totally kidding.
But this week was great! Zone Leader Council was amazing as always. Its always so humbling and spiritual. President and Sister Allcott have been great examples and great leaders its going to be sad when they leave. They always inspire and teach so well. When you go into Zone Leader Council you do get beat up a little and know exactly what you are going to do better and how you will do it. The mission has been such a blessing to me and I am learning life skills here. We talked a lot about planning and how we can do better because if we plan well all other aspects of the work fall into place. I would say that was not a strength of mine before the mission. Goals and planning are such important parts of life that I am learning and improving on while here on the mission. I still have a long way to perfection but the Lord is molding me into the instrument that I need to be. Unfortunately L~ and L~ won't be baptized this week. Satan is working really hard and putting some barriers in our way. But I know that everything will be alright and that they will be baptized soon. I's daughter is getting baptized the 18th though so that's great! Also another young boy Y, if his dad will give him permission will be baptized the same day. He is a great kid and I hope that everything works out. He wants to be baptized and has great desires his mom is an active member but got divorced and her ex husband isn't giving permission for him to be baptized because his new wife is against the church or something. So that's really sad but things will look up I know it. We did see I and M on the bus when I was on splits in my old area. They are great boys and are reading and praying everyday but we just can't get in to meet. But I know that things will start to work there too. the Lord is blessing the work. Satan is working hard but we all know who is stronger. :)
I am so relieved that grandpa is okay!!!!!!!! whoo hoo that's awesome. Tell him I love him and will find out if we are related to the johns this week. They were out of town for district meeting in Chelyabinsk because he is in the mission presidency. Also no I haven't gotten any letters from Candy Cane for a while. Your thumb looks sick though! That's crazy. haha I'm glad that you are okay. Elder Z is doing great and did give me a hug from you haha. I love you all so much I didn't have much time today, so I'm done. Much love you are in my prayers.
Love Cars


Dear Sister Coleman,
Thank you for your letters, I really appreciate it. it helps me to keep up on good desires to help people around me. I did see elder Buxton and it was an amazing Zone leader council, I learned a lot. Especially about planning, and I see how it helps me in my work here in Russia. I hope Cohen will learn how to say Ukraine:) So when I`ll come he can call me at list by my fatherland name:)
Probably it is really hard for everyone in USA call me by my last name:)
I had a dream few days ago, and in this dream I almost went to the Temple with elder Buxton on my visa trip. Maybe next transfer we`ll serve together and we`ll go ti the Temple.
I know that This is true Church and i see lots of miracles in my life. I know that gospel brought all those miracles. And I really grateful for everything what Heavenly Father gave me.
Remember all blessings you have received. And you will receive more.
Have a great week.
Thank you for everything!
Your son from Ukraine, Elder Z.

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