Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, June 27, 2011


This week was a great week as usual. We have been seeing great progress with one of our newer investigators Z. She is an older woman about 50 I would guess. She has been searching for the truth and investigated many churches and knows the Bible very well. At first she was a little skeptical about the Book of Mormon but the Spirit is helping her recognize it as scripture. We had a few great meetings with her this last week with some great member help and she loves the branch and the branch loves her. So that is a miracle that she is changing and having great spiritual experiences at church. She is a great lady. Also this week we were over at I's house having a meeting with his mom and his daughter and L was in the other room and not doing so well. (she had been a little cool to us the past few weeks and hasn't been coming in on our meetings.) But while we were there she got really sick in the other room and they called the ambulance and they came and got her. I~ called us and asked if we would go to the hospital with them to see her yesterday and of course we said yes. So we went there and she did look terrible still but was very happy to see us all. It was great to see her family there supporting her and to be able to support her as well. Hopefully this experience helps her realize that living by the commandments is the only way to be truly free and happy. I have learned to grow to really love the commandments with all my heart on my mission. When we are obedient, the Lord will bless us. They are a great family and I hope to see L~(his sister) and L~ (his mom) receive the gospel in their lives and be happy. Y~ is 13 years old and she lives with her mom in another city that is outside of Ufa (which doesn't have the church) but she tries to come in on breaks and is here for most of the summer. I~ was baptized like a week or so before I got into Ufa last year so he's been a member for over a year so he is an elder. We have been trying to get his help on blessings and he is a little nervous but will at least anoint with the oil so we are working on it slowly. He is great and will be a friend for life. Yesterday after the hospital we were talking about friends and how important they are because they have such a big influence on us. He talked about how his friends before he got baptized don't even talk to him anymore because he told them he won't do the things he did before and he invites them to church. So he said he knows who his real friends are now. In my area there are quite a few members. We have the biggest branch in the mission and about 80 people are coming now in the summer. In the winter it was about 116 but the gardens outside the city in the summers are killers for people following the Sabbath day. The branch is really strong and has great members. Ufa really is a special place, I'm really thankful for the opportunity to serve here. The Johns talked yesterday at church for their last time because they are leaving this Sunday to go back home. They gave great talks and will be greatly missed. Them and the Allcott's have done so much for me. I guess I told you that we found those names that grandpa sent in their family tree so we are related. haha. We will welcome the new Sr couple the J's in Ufa next week sometime. We are excited. This is Elder Smiths last transfer as well and the time is flying by!
When the Rust's get here I don't think anything special will happen. We will be going there in July for Zone Leader Council but that will be the first time we will see them and that's just the zone leaders.
Yes, I do see Elder Z a lot few times a week at least and he says to tell you hi. He's doing great and really appreciates your letters and love. He really is my brother. He's a stud and a great example to me. Thank you for all that you do for me fam. I love you lots. You are great. I keep you all in my prayers much love.

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