Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh my goodness was this week just a giant miracle. We have been meeting with our investigator everyday and he is great. Last Tuesday we met with him and challenged him to be baptized and he said that he would answer that question later. But then Wednesday we had a super powerful meeting and after the meeting we were just standing in the church talking with him telling him that Elder Smith is going home the 2nd of August and he says to Elder Smith, "if I wanted to be baptised would you baptize me?" Of course Elder Smith said of course and then he said, "How will it happen, here in the church or what?" So we said yes and we took him over the font and explained to him how everything would happen and showed him the picture of Christ when he was baptized and said that we do it the same way that Christ was baptized. Then he said okay I want to do it. We were so happy but we hadn't taught him all the commandments yet and had just briefly told him about the word of wisdom and told him that he would have to quit everything that day if he wanted to be baptized that quick. He agreed and was super excited. We gave him a blessing and he said that when he went to smoke that he didn't enjoy it at all and will never smoke again. He is super humble, teachable and prepared. It was a huge miracle we have had an outpouring of the spirit this last transfer. The J's have been a huge help to us and bear powerful testimony and are just great examples. The field needs more sr. couples they really do have a huge impact. They got some sad news that Elder J's mother died and are going home for 10 days to help his sister take care of the funeral. They are such great people and great examples. Sister J~ was a seminary teacher so she is great. So is Elder J~ he was also a teacher. They are just natural teachers. I feel their love so much. They are taking a few little souvenirs home for me and they wanted your number and address. So I think that they will send it by mail with they get home. They are the only suvie's that I have bought so far. So I had in mind that those would be for you mom. It is a Russian doll with things inside and a baskirian honey jar which is famous in Ufa with a picture of the huge horse statue on it. It's a local hero that they have a statue of. So be expecting a call from them they are great! Be sure to pass on my love and appreciation. Elder Z~ is doing great and always passes his love on to you. Transfers will be this Friday. Elder Smith is doing great and I have learned so much from him. I will miss him a lot because we get along great and teach well together and just have seen so many miracles in the work together. It really has been the most spiritual transfer of my mission. Which is amazing!
I did eat the peas and they were great. I would like otter pops too. It is so dang hot here. really haha. The weather is really random. It is super hot and so humid and then out of nowhere there is a down pouring of rain. You are drenched from head to toe and the streets turn into rivers in like 2 mins. Then after 5 mins the sun comes back and its way hot again. The bugs aren't bad here to be honest if we go outside of Ufa then they get kind of bad but not that bad there either. Well I love you so much. I love you all
Wow can I say that Candy Cane's letter was amazing! Wow brought tears to my eyes. I have such a great family. Family are my best friends. Well I love you lots keep it real. Much love. And I love otter pops hint hint. Tell the Jensen's hi!!
Love cars

Monday, July 18, 2011


This week was another great week here in Ufa. We have a golden new investigator A~. He is a great guy. He asked many great questions and in his prayer he said that he thinks he will have a new life from now on. He came to church yesterday and loved it. We will have another meeting with him tomorrow and commit him to baptism. Z~ is also doing well she did have a lot of questions last time. We explained to her the most important thing is what she feels as she reads the Book of Mormon, prays and comes to church. She is doing well and is a true seeker of truth but it might take awhile but she is progressing. Also E~, we weren't able to get into this week because his dad works all the time. But he is reading and praying and we have a meeting with him tonight. A~ is also doing well he is quitting smoking a little bit at a time. He prays in the time of temptation and is reading the Book of Mormon everyday.
This week we spent a lot of time with the J's and it was great! They are such a big help and we are really happy to be able to work with them and helping them get to know the city and the members. We had some amazing spiritual experiences with them. Getting to know the members conversion stories more in detail and just having great really spiritual meetings. Members testifying to family and wow it was just a great week. The J's helped us on just about every lesson and were a great asset and we love them so much. They are from Springville, Ut and are the new senior couple here in Ufa for two years. They are great.

So I want to tell you about some miracles and about something that has been on my mind for a bit. So as I said the J's are amazing and we have beening using them on alot of lessons. So we met with them and I~. I knew his conversion story before but he hadn't ever told it from the very beginning before. So here it is. It's amazing! Here in Ufa the Church is in a very visible place and to be honest a lot of people know about it but they are afraid of it and don't talk very well about it. He lives right by it and has known about it for awhile but always has seen the big elders that go in and out all the time (haha because really alot of the elders that serve here are really big) and he wasn't interested at all and thought it was scary and weird. So one day he is on the bus and he saw the sisters and noticed that they they were tired because it was late at night and they were on their way home but he also noticed that they had a light in their eyes. At first he didn't notice their name tags because it was winter and they had on dark coats but then he noticed and felt that they had something special about them and he got up the courage to talk to them on the last bus stop. They got out and changed numbers and gave him a restoration pamphlet and switched numbers. Then he looked at the address when he got home and found out that it was our church and he wasn't interested anymore. So the sisters called him to set up a meeting and he told them that he was out of town on a business trip for awhile and didn't know when he was going to come back thinking that that would make them forget about him. But the sisters were very persistent and called him everyday for a little over a week and asked him when he was coming back so finally he decided that they wouldn't forget him and he said okay I'll meet with you tomorrow. In his mind he was just going to go and listen and then say no I'm not interested this isn't for me. But he said he came and walked out of that meeting a new man. Now he is a very strong member and such a great example to me. It is a testimony to me that the Lord is preparing the hearts of the people even if they don't know it. Alma 13:24. Also he went on to say that the missionaries told him that he needed to invite his family to his baptism and he didn't want to so he just told them he would but didn't really do it. Then the same sister that talked to him on the bus told him that she knew that he didn't invite his family and that he needed to. haha. So he did and his mom and sister came and watched even though they had both heard bad things about the church. S~ told us the same thing that she came to watch his baptism just so she could say that this church wasn't for her. Now she is a strong member too and is going to the temple next month! it was cool because I was here when she was baptized. : I~ shared he was in shock that after his baptism that S~ wanted to take the lessons. He said that he thought she was just a girl that was interested in shoes and shopping. haha It turns out that the Lord had prepared her. Wow such a powerful meeting! I hope it makes sense to you it is kinda scattered but it was soo spiritual. I~ is a great member! I love him and S~ too. So there we learn that the Lord prepares his children even if we or they don't recognize it at first. :)

The Jensen's and Rusts are great!;) President Rust is a great man. Really he is awesome. He is so loving and a great example of love. It's quite interesting because we got all new senior couples in our mission and they match the mission president. They are so different they hug us and tell us that they love us so much its great. Our other leaders were great too!! We got handed off from the best to the best but I am also a hug guy myself. He is super nice and and his wife is great too. He kinda talks like Mike so the voice seems familiar. haha. We feel their love and love them back.
I love you so much.
Much love
Tell Candace thanks for her letter but that it cut off like half way through but I was really enjoying it and would like to hear the rest. :) haha I love my cousins and aunts and uncles. We had some great times and there will be more even better times. I'm not getting that old. ;) Tell Jamo that I love him and miss him and that I know that he will also love his mission. Well I love you all so much. I really really really enjoyed candy canes letter tell her I love them all so much. Keep up the good work and keep it real. ;)
Much love
Elder Buck

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wow, Sorry I don't have much time. I didn't write yesterday because Elder Smith and I were out with the Jensens helping them get to know the city. They are great! And so are the Rusts!!! Wow powerful loving people. The Lord knows what he is doing. I have no time to write you because we need to get to a meeting with a new investigator A~ who is amazing. Love you everyone is doing great. Elder Z~ loves you and says hi. I will write you better next week. I love you with all my heart. The package was great. The shirts didn't fit but I gave them away and they got put to good use. Wow they were huge! haha but no worries. I love you.
Love your son

Monday, July 4, 2011


This week was fantastic. We went on splits and Elder Zh and I worked here in our area. We meet with Z and she got an answer!! She knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet! She said that when she first started meeting with us that she was scared of the Book of Mormon and thought that the Bible was enough for Russia and maybe the Book of Mormon was just for America. Recently we have just been reading chapters from it with her and talking about it. On Tuesday we read Enos with her and talked about sincere prayer and real intent. It was a powerful meeting and she accepted to read and pray everyday to get her answer. Then Saturday we met again and she said she got it! :) Saturday we watched the talk "He is risen" by President Monson and after it was over she said wow you can tell that that man really does talk to Jesus and that he is a prophet. We challenged her to be baptised the 9th of July but she said that she feels like she doesn't need to be baptised again because she has so many times. We challenged her to pray and ask the Lord and she said she will and expects to receive an answer and act on it. She is great and I know that she'll get the answer soon. L~ is doing better we went there on Saturday too and gave her a blessing for the sick and and challenged her to read the Book of Mormon everyday while she's in the hospital. L~ (I's mom) is doing alright. We haven't been able to get in for awhile but we will soon I'm sure. I~ really is amazing his daughter went back home yesterday to her moms in a city without the church. But she will stay strong. She is super prepared and she has a good dad. She comes in from time to time to Ufa. We actually don't know who the mission presidency is yet. President Rust called us yesterday and told us that he loves us and that he's glad to be here. I can already tell he'll be great. We are going there to Ekat today actually for Zone Leader Council. So that's where I'll see if I got my packages as well. The J's are from Utah but we still haven't met them yet. They get here on the 9th. We are super excited. Elder Smith and I are doing really well. He is a great and loving companion. We have alot of the same interests and he is just a straight up Preach my Gospel missionary. I love him. It will be tough to see him go. That A~ didn't get baptised :( He dropped off the map suddenly Elder Ray said. Just like R~ here he was so ready and great but now we can't even get ahold of him. But I'm sure that the both of them will come around. We are searching for the elect and they are out there. I know that this is the Lords work and that he helps us find those that will receive us.
Thanks so much for your letters and support I love you all!
I will know by tomorrow if we got the packages or not. Tell Jess congrats on the priesthood that's sweet! He's a man now. He has the keys to the ministering of angels! It's a great responsibility. Love you all!
Happy 4th of July to everyone. Tell Alex that I didnt have time this week but I will try to get back to him next week. Also tell Candace that I am so proud of her!!!That's great that she shared the gospel! I agree with her though that we should declare our love for the Savior more. Great job Candace! The Lord is proud of you. Thanks I love you all. Also I want to get a letter to braydee and Jess. What's their address? I'll write them on the train.
Thanks I love you so much!
Elder Buxton