Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh my goodness was this week just a giant miracle. We have been meeting with our investigator everyday and he is great. Last Tuesday we met with him and challenged him to be baptized and he said that he would answer that question later. But then Wednesday we had a super powerful meeting and after the meeting we were just standing in the church talking with him telling him that Elder Smith is going home the 2nd of August and he says to Elder Smith, "if I wanted to be baptised would you baptize me?" Of course Elder Smith said of course and then he said, "How will it happen, here in the church or what?" So we said yes and we took him over the font and explained to him how everything would happen and showed him the picture of Christ when he was baptized and said that we do it the same way that Christ was baptized. Then he said okay I want to do it. We were so happy but we hadn't taught him all the commandments yet and had just briefly told him about the word of wisdom and told him that he would have to quit everything that day if he wanted to be baptized that quick. He agreed and was super excited. We gave him a blessing and he said that when he went to smoke that he didn't enjoy it at all and will never smoke again. He is super humble, teachable and prepared. It was a huge miracle we have had an outpouring of the spirit this last transfer. The J's have been a huge help to us and bear powerful testimony and are just great examples. The field needs more sr. couples they really do have a huge impact. They got some sad news that Elder J's mother died and are going home for 10 days to help his sister take care of the funeral. They are such great people and great examples. Sister J~ was a seminary teacher so she is great. So is Elder J~ he was also a teacher. They are just natural teachers. I feel their love so much. They are taking a few little souvenirs home for me and they wanted your number and address. So I think that they will send it by mail with they get home. They are the only suvie's that I have bought so far. So I had in mind that those would be for you mom. It is a Russian doll with things inside and a baskirian honey jar which is famous in Ufa with a picture of the huge horse statue on it. It's a local hero that they have a statue of. So be expecting a call from them they are great! Be sure to pass on my love and appreciation. Elder Z~ is doing great and always passes his love on to you. Transfers will be this Friday. Elder Smith is doing great and I have learned so much from him. I will miss him a lot because we get along great and teach well together and just have seen so many miracles in the work together. It really has been the most spiritual transfer of my mission. Which is amazing!
I did eat the peas and they were great. I would like otter pops too. It is so dang hot here. really haha. The weather is really random. It is super hot and so humid and then out of nowhere there is a down pouring of rain. You are drenched from head to toe and the streets turn into rivers in like 2 mins. Then after 5 mins the sun comes back and its way hot again. The bugs aren't bad here to be honest if we go outside of Ufa then they get kind of bad but not that bad there either. Well I love you so much. I love you all
Wow can I say that Candy Cane's letter was amazing! Wow brought tears to my eyes. I have such a great family. Family are my best friends. Well I love you lots keep it real. Much love. And I love otter pops hint hint. Tell the Jensen's hi!!
Love cars

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