Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, July 4, 2011


This week was fantastic. We went on splits and Elder Zh and I worked here in our area. We meet with Z and she got an answer!! She knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet! She said that when she first started meeting with us that she was scared of the Book of Mormon and thought that the Bible was enough for Russia and maybe the Book of Mormon was just for America. Recently we have just been reading chapters from it with her and talking about it. On Tuesday we read Enos with her and talked about sincere prayer and real intent. It was a powerful meeting and she accepted to read and pray everyday to get her answer. Then Saturday we met again and she said she got it! :) Saturday we watched the talk "He is risen" by President Monson and after it was over she said wow you can tell that that man really does talk to Jesus and that he is a prophet. We challenged her to be baptised the 9th of July but she said that she feels like she doesn't need to be baptised again because she has so many times. We challenged her to pray and ask the Lord and she said she will and expects to receive an answer and act on it. She is great and I know that she'll get the answer soon. L~ is doing better we went there on Saturday too and gave her a blessing for the sick and and challenged her to read the Book of Mormon everyday while she's in the hospital. L~ (I's mom) is doing alright. We haven't been able to get in for awhile but we will soon I'm sure. I~ really is amazing his daughter went back home yesterday to her moms in a city without the church. But she will stay strong. She is super prepared and she has a good dad. She comes in from time to time to Ufa. We actually don't know who the mission presidency is yet. President Rust called us yesterday and told us that he loves us and that he's glad to be here. I can already tell he'll be great. We are going there to Ekat today actually for Zone Leader Council. So that's where I'll see if I got my packages as well. The J's are from Utah but we still haven't met them yet. They get here on the 9th. We are super excited. Elder Smith and I are doing really well. He is a great and loving companion. We have alot of the same interests and he is just a straight up Preach my Gospel missionary. I love him. It will be tough to see him go. That A~ didn't get baptised :( He dropped off the map suddenly Elder Ray said. Just like R~ here he was so ready and great but now we can't even get ahold of him. But I'm sure that the both of them will come around. We are searching for the elect and they are out there. I know that this is the Lords work and that he helps us find those that will receive us.
Thanks so much for your letters and support I love you all!
I will know by tomorrow if we got the packages or not. Tell Jess congrats on the priesthood that's sweet! He's a man now. He has the keys to the ministering of angels! It's a great responsibility. Love you all!
Happy 4th of July to everyone. Tell Alex that I didnt have time this week but I will try to get back to him next week. Also tell Candace that I am so proud of her!!!That's great that she shared the gospel! I agree with her though that we should declare our love for the Savior more. Great job Candace! The Lord is proud of you. Thanks I love you all. Also I want to get a letter to braydee and Jess. What's their address? I'll write them on the train.
Thanks I love you so much!
Elder Buxton

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