Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, August 1, 2011


Wow! Miracle week again! Our converts baptism was just a miracle!!! We had been meeting with him everyday in order to prepare him. He accepted everything immediately and the Jensen's played an important roll in his conversion. Saturday night he called us and had to cancel the meeting that we had with him that night. He said he had a temperature of 40 degrees Centigrade and he couldn't make it. I honestly didn't have any doubt in my mind that everything would be okay and I said okay we will pray for you. Elder Smith and I fasted for him and for his baptism to be a spiritual experience. Also we asked all the missionaries in our zone to pray for him that everything would be okay. The next morning he called and said that the fever was completely gone. It was such a testimony strengthener of prayer and fasting! We have seen so many miracles with him. He is such a humble man of much faith. Like the priesthood blessing we gave him and he had no desire to smoke after the blessing after smoking for 20 years. He is a great man and his baptism went sooo well! Lots of member support and it was so spiritual and great. Next week I will give him the Holy Ghost and I am honored to do so. :) Also we are working with a less active part member family and their son accepted a baptismal date for the 27th of August! He is a stud, he's 14 years old and acts a lot like Alex. They could be twins or something they act the same and talk the same. It's funny even kinda look alike skinny and ripped. They are a great family and are prepared to return to activity. They read the Book of Mormon everyday! They are so awesome. Also we have been seeing so many miracles throughout the city. The sisters new convert brought in a lady yesterday with him and she loved it and stayed for everything and will get baptized for sure. Elder Z and K found a man on the bus and he already has a baptismal date for the 27th as well. The Lord is preparing his children and he knows who is ready. Transfers did happen well they will happen on Wed. My new comp is Elder Smith. haha He is serving in my zone right now and is great. He is new and still learning the language so pray for me that I can do all the translation that needs to get done without getting tired. He is such a stud though and we get along great we have the same personality. Elder Z is going to Perm and training Elder B from Wasatch who we played ball against. He is excited but its sad to see him go. He passes on his love and tells you that he loves you all so much. The J's really want to meet you!!!! They should call you soon and they want to meet you so go and meet them I really want you to see how great they are! Wow I'm excited to hear how that goes. Give them my love and I also sent with them 6 shirts that I bought that are for you all. You, Dad, Guy, Nate, Jamie, Wrandi. They are a very popular shirt of Ufa and if you came here you would fit right in. I hope that they fit because we all know I'm not good at guessing sizes. (remember the shirt I bought you in Germany?) haha. I would love those things, if you could send them with the J's. It just depends on how much things they can bring back. I will give you their email just in case they don't contact you. But I think they will so wait for them until Friday. I love you so much. Keep me in your prayers.
PS It's really sad to hear about those we love making poor choices. Breaks my heart. I sure hope and pray for them. I know that prayer does work and that miracles do happen, as I shared with our convert. They are in my prayers and I know that everything will be okay and is in the Lords hands. WHY CAN"T PEOPLE JUST LIVE THE COMMANDMENTS!!! love you lots

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