Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, August 8, 2011


K only 16 mins and we had to cut internet short today because we have to catch a train to Ekat in a few hours. Then 16 hours on the Train. This week was another miracle week. We had a lot of business to do as zone leaders so we actually didn't get to do much proselyting which was a little frustrating but we love the work we do anyways! It's so great to be able not only to serve the members and investigators that we work with but also the missionaries. We have a great close relationship with them all and we love them so much. We all serve each other it's like a big family. So the confirmation was amazing! I felt the spirit so strong when I was confirming him and I know that he will be a great aspect to the work here in Ufa! He's alot like I~ my main man here. They are both just golden humble and teachable. So another HUGE miracle is a young couple showed up to church yesterday and are extremely interested. They said that they saw Elder Smith and I on the bus and were interested and saw us get off at the bus stop by the church and decided that they would come. So Saturday they showed up while we were doing service and asked when church services would be. Some people told them to come to sacrament meeting on Sunday and they came and are super prepared and excited to learn more as well. They are married and just moved into Ufa. We have a meeting with them on Thursday when we get back from zone leader council. We are so excited the Lord is blessing us with so many tender mercies. My new comp is amazing! He and I get along so well. We already knew each other because he was in our zone. He is a new missionary and it's great to work with him. I am learning a lot on how to be bold and follow the spirit from him. The J's are amazing huh?! Its so great to have them back and they loved you so much. I did receive my hug. The shirts look great on you all! Glad you got the stuff. How's the honey jar and the Russian doll? Hope you like it all. Everything you sent was great. All the kids look great. Al and Wes look like men now holy cow! Braydee looks like a woman and Mar and Jess look like they are growing up too. I kinda didn't recognize everyone at first crazy!!! I love you all! Sorry I am out of time but I love you lots!!!!!
Love Carson

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