Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, August 22, 2011

Privet Vcem!

Wow this week was great a lot of miracles all the time. We didn't get in with our investigators as much as we would have liked but this week will be better with that. Yesterday, we had a very great experience with a contact. She is having a really hard time in life right now and we came to that knowledge because we listened to the spirit yesterday in our lesson. We were sensitive and asked how she was doing because we weren't able to get a hold of her last week. That's when she opened up to us about her hard times in life. We feel it might be the humbling experience she needs. The J's were there and we just sat and listened for a good while. She expressed that she feels as if Satan is attacking her from all sides. We then opened up to the Joseph Smith story and shared that with her. Satan does try to get us when there is a huge moment of growth or a big decision to be made and it seemed to hit her very hard. We then offered her a priesthood blessing. Elder J gave a beautiful blessing and the spirit was so strong. We can see so much progress with her. A few months ago she denied priesthood blessings but now we have the trust and the good relationship because we genuinely love her and listened to her. I know that we will see many miracles with her in this upcoming time here. We didn't get in with E~ this week because his Dad has the craziest work schedule but we are going to get in there tonight and set a new baptism date with him. He is great and we call him often and he is still reading the Book of Mormon everyday and praying everyday. A~ also had a crazy work schedule this week or else it didn't work out for us when it worked out for him. He is doing well and is continuing quiting smoking. A~ passed the sacrament yesterday and that was a miracle to see! He is doing so well. Yesterday we went and listened to hymns with his friend. He is trying to share the gospel with him. I love this opportunity to be in Ufa and work with such great people.

I~ is moving out of our area and that's sad but its okay because we'll still see each other at church. We are going to help him move this week to a different area. It's sounds as if the family reunion was a blast that's hilarious that Cohen is a country boy. That video sounds really interesting of the family. Make sure you keep a copy of it. I would love to see g-pa and g-ma's reception haha. What you said is so true, the gospel is the only way to true happiness and true love. Love is the key and only through the gospel can we have true love. The love that lasts for eternity! I am so thankful for the opportunity to live with my family for eternity and with my future wife and children. The Savior's love for us is perfect and that's how we should love. I really love Elder Holland's talk of true love and how he cuts down right to the basics of how we need to love. I have grown alot on my mission and one think that I am learning now is how to love more. I love the mish. It is sweet.

The J's are doing great and I love working with them. They also send there love and we often talk about you. They loved their visit with you and will be life long friends, that's for sure. Elder Z seems to be doing well. Make sure you pass on my love to my Ukrainian bro. His sister and nephew are in my prayers. Elder Smith (my old elder Smith) wrote me too and I was so happy. He is a stud and our two transfers together were great. Make sure you pass on my emails to him. Give him my love. Thank him for his example and tell him to keep the focus on the basics. I did get both of A's letters and they were great! Also K's letter was super as well. They both made my day because I don't hear from home a lot. So it was great to hear from some of my best friends who I love. Well I love you all so much. Keep it real.
From Russia with love,

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