Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, September 26, 2011

Haha Elder Aiken and I got randomly asked a question in the park. It was weird. But Hilarious. He is really tall by the way.
New companions:)
Fixing lunch for Elder and Sister Jensen:)picture from Sister Jensen.
Right now I am on a spiritual high! Everything in life is just great. Elder A~ is a stud I wanted you all to meet him as well over Skype but we only had 10 mins and I wanted to be obedient. I really enjoyed the phone call and was so happy that Dad looked so happy. That was really important to me. Another tender mercy from the Lord. Cheri does seem very nice and I think that the girls will love her. I enjoyed her. And that really is sweet that she likes the Yanks now we can double team up on Dad. I really am so happy for him and they seemed happy together. Just keep them in your prayers. I have 100 percent trust in in the Lord that everything will work out in the end. I want to thank Jamie and Nate for the journal that they gave me. (speaking of which I need to write more in it.) I have read and re-read their testimonies and quotes in there. They really help out. The Lords plan is perfect and we need to learn to be content with the way he works even if we don't understand why things are happening the way they are. Just be patient. :) I need to listen to my own advice btw so it was good for me to write that. :)

Z~ is doing really well. Satan is working really hard on her but the spirit is bearing witness a little at a time. It's amazing to see the spirit work and work miracles. She has some pretty big concerns and doubts (just a little caught up in the mysteries) but the Spirit works and we have no doubt that the time will soon come for her to make the decision. We have had some really strong spiritual lessons with her lately and Elder A~ busted out the perfect baptismal commitment in perfect Russian. In the end she said she would be baptised when she finds out for herself that these things are true. A~ has been able to help us on meetings and bear powerful testimony as well. He is amazing and she will come around. She has received the witness but its a big change and maybe hard to take at first. She reminds me a lot of N~ and how it took awhile but the conversion was so powerful that she will never forget it. I have only seen N~ once since I served in C~ and that was when I served in E~ so that was awhile ago. However, I am sure as well that she will be a great Mini Missionary and then a great Missionary! Wow, fruits of the gospel. I love it. Someone who I was able to work with will now go on a mission and help others do the same! So cool.

I love the J~'s. They are great and have always been there for me. I respect them so much and they will be life long friends for sure. We already have a dinner appointment when they get back. ;) Also a wood floor project for Dad and I. haha. They are great and really take care of us just like parents would. I love them. I'm gonna miss them if I ever leave Ufa. But I think hopefully I'll be here awhile longer. :) I love Ufa. Make sure to give Elder Z my love. That's hilarious that Sister M said that about our handwriting haha. We are too much alike. Keep me updated on what the missionaries tell you I enjoy it. I love you lots. Make sure to pass my love on to all!
From Russia with love,

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