Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, September 12, 2011

WOW, this week was amazing to say the least! President Bennett came and did a mission tour. First, we were able to meet him at Zone Leader Council and it was amazing! He is a servant of the Lord no doubt! He is the 2nd councilor in the Area Presidency. Then he came to Ufa and that was the most amazing zone conference of my life. It was a straight up call to repentance. He told us how amazing we are doing but as well how we can become better. He talked about Russia being the new Brazil and how it's the Lord's will to have millions of baptisms here. We need to have more faith and open our mouths on the streets and work with the members. It seems so simple and I kind of feel dumb for writing that. That's what he said to us but we really could be doing so much better. He talked about casting out all fear. Wow, it was just great. I wish I had more time to go into detail about it but I'm short on time. Wow, it was great. We need to get this idea out of our heads that baptisms are near impossible because we are just putting the cap on ourselves. The Lord can do anything! It was kind of funny but he said the Lord could have tulips do the same work that we are doing right now. That we had so much more that we need to do. It was very humbling but great at the same time. I realized that I can do so much better than I am. Really it's all about just giving our all. The only thing that I need to implement is cast out the fear of being rejected and go wild and talk with everyone that the Lord puts in my path. I mean I did okay earlier, I opened my mouth but I can talk to everyone and not just a few. We did it immediately and it makes the work a lot more fun and the fear goes away when we do it more often. Our mission is doing great! They really are proud of us and I love it. It was great. President Rust is so great and loving I feel of his love so much. They both testified of the love of the prophet for us and the love of the Lord for us. Like I said, I don't have much more time. I wish I could have told you everything but time won't allow. Transfers happened and Elder Smith will be leaving me :( I will be training as a Zone Leader and will be a lone zone leader :0 Kind of intense so wish me luck. I am going on the train to Ekat to get my new comp Elder A~ from SLC. I'm so excited. But wish me luck and pray for me.

That shirt for elder Z~ would be great. Oh he's so great. I love him. Even if he does out do me and send stuff home! haha. I do need more contacts, that would be good! Thank you for the permish to get souvies, I've been hesitant. I love you. You are great. I love the Work its so good. Like you said I am learning stuff here that I couldn't have learned anywhere else. Elder Smith and I were talking and we think that it would take 20 years to learn what we are learning in 2 years had we not served the Lord. What's even better is the people we are teaching are learning the truth and it changes their lives so they can receive salvation. It's everything to them and if they don't know that, I do. So I will wear our my life teaching them the gospel, giving the chance to those who are searching for the truth but know not where to find it. I love it. Oh yeah and N~ is serving for a transfer in our mission on a mini mission!!! Wow, she's amazing its great to see the change the gospel made in her life.
Much love,

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