Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, October 17, 2011

Privet Privet Privet!!!!
So this week was super busy but really great as well. We started off by heading up to Ekat on a train ride on Monday. We had zone leader council Tuesday and then training for trainers and trainees on Wednesday. Then we hopped back on the train and arrived in Ufa, Thursday haha. So we just had a little time in our area but it was miraculous of course. When we arrived Thursday, S~ called us and had a man that she wanted us to meet with. Referrals are always the best. It went really well and it was great to hear her testimony on the meeting. His name is K~. He said that he is just a little skeptical toward religion but it was great to hear S~ tell her story about how she didn't want to go to the church at all but she decided that she would support her brother and go watch his baptism and then not support his choice at all after that and never go to the church again. She then talked about how when she went there she felt a special spirit and the missionaries asked to meet with her and she was still a little skeptical and decided that she would let them come over once and then tell them that she wasn't interested at all and stop meeting with them. Well, the rest is history. She was baptized 3 weeks later (I was actually here in Ufa last year when it happened) and now she has been to the temple! It was such a great experience to see her excitement as she testified to him and he took a Book of Mormon and is going to read it. Z~ is doing really well and we are working really hard with her. It's a little frustrating because she knows that the Book of Mormon is true and will even say that but is just having a hard time realizing that if the Book of Mormon is true that means the WHOLE THING is true! ahh its frustrating but with time she will come along. She is a great woman and she will be elect when she makes the decision. The co worker didn't come to church but is still really promising he is super nice and we call him from time to time. We have been having success finding lately and the Lord is blessing us so much. I think that it's because Elder Aiken and I are such great friends and because of that we are able to teach in unity and be happy all the time. That really is the key. If you and your comp are best friends then the work just takes off. It's been great. Also we went to the Swan Princess ballet this week so life couldn't be better haha. It was really good actually! I quite enjoyed it.
I am so happy that Cohen and Avery have good parents and I love them so much. Such cute kids. I can't wait to chill with them and what not. No letters have arrived as of late :( and have also not received the package yet. I will be thinking on what the Christmas package should consist of and send some requests. :) I love you lots! I will ask elder Zhdanov what he ment because Russia def has sugar haha. Thats silly. We are allowed to email other missionaries now though so thats really cool! :) Ill find out and let you know. Much love
Elder Buxton

ps Hahahaha So here is what elder zhdanov said about sugar haha

Sugar.... I thought it was a joke, she asked me about sugar and I thought it is funny that she thinks that we don`t have a sugar here)) Sorry!
You know that I love you!!

LOL oh my gosh he is hillarious. I love you lots.

P.s Jessi's letter to me was great! and also ilovemymommylife!!!!!! hahahaha oh my gosh I love Candy Cane. I love her stories. Guess what we need an office couple here and if grandma and grandpa are interested they could come serve here and be here in January. :) That would be really cool. President Rust took their info and is going to call them. Let me know if they are interested that would be really cool. And they can be expecting a call from president.

Dear Mom in Utah:)

Hi, how are you doing? Are you returned home already or you`re still helping with kids?
I had an amazing week. I know that it wasn`t a long time away when I wrote last time. But we really had a miracle.
Last week we met with D~, if you remember he is our miracle a few weeks ago, but he had a concern about going to our branch, and we didn`t know what we can do for him that he would find a desire to go with us. And last week we met with him, and we helped him to feel our love, and we helped him to feel that he can change lives of other people, by his service. And that why God wants him to live in the boundaries of our branch. Because He has something great for him. And he said that he will try. So he came on Sunday and stayed for all three hours. It was an amazing experience for him, I saw how members helped him to feel welcome at our branch. And I`m pretty sure that he felt good there, `cause I saw his excitement about everything.
And next step for him it is baptism, and we are going to help him with that on next week. He has a very strong desire to be baptized.
So we will have a baptism next Saturday. It is Great!!
It`s just increased my testimony. I know that if we don`t understand something, if we just will give a chance, and will try it. We will see all results and all good fruit the Gospel will bring in our lives. It is so simple, if we want to know what is salt taste like, we have to try it. It is the sane principle with the Gospel.

And by the way, about the sugar. I thought you are joking so I decide to take a part in this joke, It is not true we have a sugar here in Russia. Actually we have plenty of sugar here:)
So don`t worry about that:)

Thanks for everything you do for me, you do really a lot. And I appreciate all you do.
Say thanks to Jamie from me, and that it is good that Cohen likes that book, I thought that this book is funny. I got their e mail and it was a really nice surprise. Tell her that I didn`t read that story, but probably I will read it after I go home. Because I don`t want to be ashamed:) It is my culture, and I don`t know it.

Thank you!!
I love you all,
You`re really nice people,
Say Hi to every one.
Elder Zhdanov.

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