Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wow, this was a great week I really did feel bad when I forgot to tell Jamie happy b-day and I even told Elder Aiken to remind me but he is just as forgetful as I am so that didn't help at all. haha. I do appreciate the Jensen's and their help. Her step dad died yesterday and she was feeling really down and broke down in between conference sessions. So Elder Aiken and I took dinner over to them and ate together. They were extremely grateful. It was nice to be able to help them out because of the times that they have helped me out. I really did love conference soo much! We watched it at the church in a class room. Some African investigators of the other elders watched a few sessions with us. They do split it into two days, just the same way it is at home. It was full of the spirit. I really enjoyed Elder Hales talk. It was good to hear him again. It was just like straight testimony and so powerful. I also really enjoyed Uchtdorf's talk as always. Wow they are all so good. Sister Dalton's was amazing! Wow I got a lot of revelation during that talk and it is so correct. The family is so important and it all starts with how the father leads the family. A fathers example is so important. Honestly, I cant wait to love my wife and my future children so much and have them all be my best friends. I have gained such a love for family here on the mission. I really enjoyed that talk. Priesthood session was the bomb diggity. Elder Hollands talk was so powerful and straight forward. He is so right. Also Elder Bennett was just here in Ufa at our zone conference, so that was really cool to see him there because I just hugged him a few weeks ago. :) haha
So the work here in Ufa is going so well. This week was a busy and pretty crazy one but it was full of tender mercies from the Lord as well. Elder Aiken and I are still trying to talk with everyone and the Lord is blessing us because of our efforts. Z~ is doing really well and we have had some of the most spiritual lessons with her this last week. We were a little disappointed that she didn't come to conference yesterday because she promised to come. However, when we called to check up and follow up with her we found out that she was just sick. She had started reading Helaman in the morning and liked it so much that she read the whole book! It was great news. She is progressing quickly. She is a great sister and is preparing for baptism. Also, yesterday a member brought her co-worker to conference and he wanted a blessing on his health. When we explained to him what it was and about the priesthood power he was really interested and we asked him if he believed that it would work. He then answered that he wouldn't have come if he didn't believe it. He is a very believing man and loves to travel. He just got back from a trip to Jerusalem a few weeks ago and loves Jesus Christ. He has a family of six kids so that would be an amazing family to teach! He is going to come to the baptism on Saturday and he enjoyed conference. The Lord really is blessing us. We are really excited to work with him. :) Also there will be a baptism here in Ufa on Saturday. I did the baptism interview with her yesterday and it was so great. Such a humble lady. The work is moving forward here. Angels are preparing the hearts of the children of men!
It does break my heart to hear about people making bad choices because I know how much happiness the gospel can and will bring if we just accept it and live by it. I promise I am still focused I won't let anything bring me down right now I know that's satan's plan and it's not going to work. As said in conference we know the outcome of the battle that satan will lose and that God and Jesus and the saints will triumph over the adversary. I know that this church is true and that by living the gospel is the only true way to happiness. I love you all!!

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