Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

This week was a great week. We went to Ekat and had a great zone leaders conference and then we flew into Finland. Unfortunately, my new visa doesn't start until the 19th in my second passport and it was supposed to start on the 9th so that was a problem! Fortunately, my old visa doesn't end until the 20th in my 1st passport and I am able to re-enter the country 1 time on that visa so I was able to return to Russia and not have to wait in Finland for 10 days... that would have been wild. So that means that this weekend I will have to leave again. I could either be going to Kiev or Helsinki I don't know yet. So that was a big uh-oh that cost quite a bit of mullah. But it was great to attend the temple. Elder Aiken is not in my visa group but he did come with me because I was the only Elder and I needed a companion. :) So no not everything went smooth haha.
E~ is doing great we were able to have a few good meetings with him this week and get him prepared for baptism. His whole family are members but are less active returning to activity. They are the ones I was talking about that read the Book of Mormon everyday. He has one sister and then there is just his mom and dad. They are such great people. I~ and R~ are doing really well. We weren't able to meet with them because we were gone and then they were. But we talked on the phone and they are excited to meet again and have been reading the Book of Mormon. :) We also saw some good progress with Z~. Elder Aiken and I had some revelatory experiences while pondering how we can help her. We knew that we needed to read in 3 Nephi 19, where Jesus prays and the words couldn't be written or uttered or explained by mouth but that they were felt in the heart. We talked about how the church is impossible to understand logically but what is most important is what we feel in our hearts. We were both able to share personal experiences of feeling it in our hearts and how really that is the only way that we know the church is true is through the Holy Ghost. I can't explain it very well but it was such a good experience. She agreed and almost accepted a baptism date, so hopefully soon. :) Yesterday we had such an awesome day!!! We as a zone are stressing to find new investigators and we went outside last night and stood by one of the main bus stops and sang together as a zone (kind of caroling I guess you could say) and it was a huge success. We talked with a lot of people and were able to hand out a lot of invitations. We got quite a few numbers and they are all pretty solid contacts. It was definitely the most successful two hours of contacting that I've ever seen. It was really cold outside and we were singing in the snow but it was such a great experience to try to raise our voices to Ufa. The spirit kept us warm and hopefully warmed the hearts of the listeners. :)
That's really cool to hear the story of going to higher ground that is awesome. haha Cohen is hilarious. Wrandi said that Avery is one of the cutest things in the world. I can't wait to meet her. She sounds like such a happy little baby. Jamie is blessed with great kids. I have such a great family. Oh yeah also I hope that this mistake with my visa doesn't affect my coming home date! I don't want to come home any earlier. :( So pray that everything will be alright. For some reason mine and elder Z's package hasn't arrive yet. :( They should have already been there. Maybe they aren't coming. :( I hope so though. Really it's the thought that counts and contacts is the only thing I need. I can just use glasses if needed so life is still great!!! :) I agree the Jensen's are awesome and its funny that you should mention that you see them pop up on skype, (even if you are being weird and exercising with Candace through skype? what the? ha ha) because sister Jensen always mentions you and says that when you are on she wants to call you so bad. So maybe one day she'll give you a call. haha. They are so great. I love you all so much Thanks for your support and love. You are the best family and friends in the world.
From Russia with love,

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