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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 7, 2011

Privet Snova!
Wow, this week was a great week. First off E~ is going to be baptised the 2nd of December and we are so excited. He is great and their family is such a great family. Elder A Smith and I worked with them quite a bit but it was hard to get in with them because of the dad's work schedule. Finally, 4 months later or more, we got in again and they have such a great countenance and are the nicest people in the world. They read the Book of Mormon everyday and pray together too. You can see a real happiness and closeness in their family. Also they came to the first area conference in Russia!!! It was kind of a bummer, through out the whole area there was a problem and they started the conference in Salt Lake 1 hour early. So we had to watch the second half in the morning at 11. Then the next session was at 2 and a lot of people weren't able to stay for the whole thing. But it was such a great experience and I felt it was especially for this area. The speakers were Elder Clayton, Sister Thompson, Elder Oaks and President Uchtdorf. They talked so much about marriage and families and what we need to do to have a happy,strong, Christ centered home. They talked a lot about scripture study and I thought about all the times that we read as a family even when it wasn't convenient or if I didn't want to. I have thought about that numerous times on my mission and know that that is a major reason of why I am here and have the testimony that I have is thanks to family scripture study. There is strength in a home that reads the scriptures together. I have noticed it so many times on my mission. In a home that reads the scriptures there may still be problems and a few disagreements but in that home will be a peace that wouldn't be there otherwise. I didn't realize this fact until I came on my mission. But you really can feel a special spirit in a Christ centered home. Also yesterday we had an amazing meeting with two new investigators. R~ is a young man that the sisters talked to in KFC after the swan lake ballet. They had a meeting with him and found out that he is in our area. We had a pass over meeting yesterday. He brought his buddy I~ and he was super prepared. He is Buddhist and has been on a life long spiritual search. It was interesting to find out how similar Buddhism is to our church for one thing, but he is so amazing. He asked such great questions and you can tell that he was so sincere. For example he asked who is God? What is happiness? What is the purpose of life? What is prayer? Where are we going? Where did we come from? Just amazing great questions. There are to many to write down here. Before we even invited him to be baptised, he himself said "Before I decide if I'm going to become a Mormon I would like to study this Book out and meet with you and find out for myself if its true." Golden right?! It was such great experience and really strengthened my own testimony. I realize how lucky I am to know the answers to those wonderful questions that he asked. He also shared good insights with us that his purpose in life is to serve others and help other people and go about doing good. He is Buddhist but believes in Christ and loves Christ's example. He said that we need to be like Christ. It was such an amazing meeting and we are excited to be able to continue meeting with him. "Angels are preparing the hearts of the children of men." A~ the African is doing well. We didn't get in to meet yet because he was really busy but we will. Z~ is doing really well and reading in the Book of Mormon often. She is still struggling with the anti stuff but the Book of Mormon is softening her heart. She is great. That was really cool to hear about V~! Thanks so much. It reminds me so much of our experience with N~ how we tried and tried to work with her and how satan just kept working so hard on her as he is doing with V~ right now. If you remember, a few baptism dates fell through with her last minute too. It was an emotional roller coaster for sure. But now look at N~! She is going on a mission soon and is such a strong member. I think satan knows how wonderful that family is. He doesn't want them in the church. I know that her Dad is a great man just by meeting N~. She had been taught moral principles and lived just like we do. She read the Bible a few times a day and was a great example of how every Christian should act. I know that the Lord has big plans for that family and through N~ and V~ they will come into the gospel. Such great people. Thanks so much for sharing that with me. I love the gospel and love how happy it makes me. I promise never to lose the light! I have found true happiness and love here in the gospel. No matter what happens, I know that life will be okay if I continue to live by the gospel. I really enjoyed those quotes that you sent thanks so much.

Elder Aiken and I will be heading to Ekat tomorrow and then to Finland on Wednesday. It is super cold here minus 20. We are going to buy some good winter things. We will get our packages in Ekat if they are there and then I will let you know. Today I tried to take money from the credit card but it would only let me take it from the debit? is there a problem? Thanks so much. I love you all.
Elder Buxton

HAHAHAHAHHAHA Jessie looks like a real girl!! Oh my gosh that's hilarious. Tell Candy Cane thanks so much for her letter. I really do appreciate her so much. Life really is so great and she is blessed with two cute little kids. I love them all so much. Everything will be okay. We have the gospel and that's what makes us happy. Truly Happy :)

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