Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, December 12, 2011


Ahh, I'm so glad that you got the package. I know for a fact that I sent Wrandi a secret email about the package but she's just too twitterpated to even pay any attention to me ;) I told her about the package because I wanted you to be surprised.:) I didn't have time to write a note in there. I'm sorry, I just had to get it sent off.
So this week Elder A~ and I went to leadership training in Ekat on Tuesday. Then he went on his visa trip on Wednesday while I was at zone leader council. I was able to stay the night with Elder Z. We then got news that Elder A had problems on his visa trip and had to stay in Helsinki for a few more days. So that made me stuck in Ekat with Elder Smith :) (who I served with) and Elder Young. I did get both of my packages and they were perfect! Thank you so much. The cds are awesome. I love Alex Boye! So Elder A arrived back to Ekat Saturday morning. We got on the 16 hour train ride that night back to Ufa and arrived Sunday morning to make it back to church. So my last week in Ufa, we spent in Ekat. So yeah I did get transferred and I'm going to miss the people here so much. Plus this area is really catching on fire again with E~ and Z~ and also a miracle! S~ who I wrote about last year that Elder Ray and I contacted on the street. He came to church a couple times. He came back to church a few weeks ago and also yesterday and the missionaries are working with him now. He is a golden investigator. He is a very successful man and so humble and teachable. Yesterday he stayed for all three hours and really enjoyed it. It's just a testimony to me that no effort is wasted. We contacted him over a year ago. I didn't know if anything would come from it but now he is a progressing investigator and giving the missionaries lots of referrals. I really love Ufa so much! It's my second home for sure. Some good news though, I will be able to visit from time to time when President comes to town. I will be serving with Elder Parson as an assistant to the president. We are able to travel around with President Rust and help him teach and train. So I will be able to see the people that I love from time to time. Not that often but it is a little easier to say goodbye that way. I'm really excited for the opportunity to serve with Elder P~ and to serve around President. I'm going to miss Elder A~ though. We really got along well and worked hard together. I learned so much from him just on the outlook on life. He is a great example and will be training a new missionary in his 3rd transfer in the country. Wild right?

So the Sabbath was wonderful! E~'s family came again and it was great to see the ward fellowship them. We also had a really great meeting with A~ who is one of my favorite people in Russia yesterday. He is trying to quit smoking and has such a great desire to do so. He is working on it a little at a time. He is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and praying as well. He is down to 18 cigs a day from 66 cigs a day! Can you believe that?! He is such a champion! We read Alma's story in Mosiah 24 where the Lord doesn't take their burdens away but blesses them with strength that they may carry their burdens with ease. He is such a humble guy and I want him to be able to quit so bad. Tonight we will be having a family home evening with a lot of the members and Z~. Other investigators should be coming so that will be a good opportunity to get members and investigators mingling. Things are going really great. The Jensen's wanted me to pass on their love to you as well. I'm really going to miss them too. They are a great couple and great examples. You could say that they are like another set of parents. I love them so much.

So unfortunately I wont be able to call for Wrandi's wedding but I will be able to call for Christmas. On Christmas day here we will be able to Skype. So give me a lot of times that would work for you because there are a lot of missionaries in Ekat. We'll all have to work around each others schedules and stuff. So give me a wide range of when I am able to call you. I'm so excited it will be great to see you guys. I love you all so much!
PS The kids look so cute. They are in my prayers. Hagen is hardly recognizable! So big now. Give them my love!

Note to Jamie & Nate
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I love you guys. You are the best examples to me and I want you to know that. I want my family to be like yours, happy and Gospel Centered. You are the perfect examples of that. Thank you so much. I wish you happiness in the Christmas season. A time to reflect about our Savior and all He has done and given to us. I am so thankful for my family. I love you guys so much. I love you and look up to you. Have such a Merry Christmas!!!

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