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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31,2011

Happy New Year!!!
First I want to thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday. I can feel your love and support and I hope you know and feel of my love and support as well. This week was another great week for me. We went to Ufa to have a zone conference there. It was so spiritual again. Each time right after the movie "17 miracles" we have had a testimony meeting and each time the spirit was so strong as the missionaries bore their testimonies. I will never forget the feelings that I had. Each time there was no other place on earth that I would have rather been, than sitting here in Russia over the holidays feeling the perfect love of God. I was also able to spend some good time with my boy Elder Aiken it was a real treat to see him. So funny thing you should mention the lack of toilet paper last year haha. It just so happens that this year I am living with Elder Khurdakormov again (because we live with the office elders) and I walked out of the bathroom the other day which has a plentiful supply of toilet paper and said "Looks like we'll have plenty of toilet paper this year Elder Khurdakormov." haha Elder Parson and Elison started laughing really hard and asked about the story. It was great. So that has been one of our topics floating around the apartment and Elder Elison said he was even going to write home about it. It's just funny that you would mention it mom haha.

So for my Birthday we will be semi-locked up. It's hard to believe that I am 21. I really sometimes feel like a 19 year old boy still. I know that I have changed but it's just wild. It seems that time is going by so fast it almost seems like it's standing still. I hope that makes sense. :) We will be inside for the first half of the day and then we need to go grocery shopping. Then we will hit up McDonald's together to celebrate. This week will be another busy one. We are heading up to Perm (the only city in the mission that I haven't been to yet) for a few days to do a district conference or something of that sort. Our schedule starts today that we need to be inside by 4 o'clock. Then we do get to go to church tomorrow for one hour at 12 by taxi then come back home and spend the rest of the new year in the apartment. Elder Parson and I were talking about new year resolutions this morning and I think that I am going to come up with some great ones. So as you know most of this year will not be on my mission but I want to continue scripture study habits and prayer each day. I will also read Jesus the Christ and I also want to set a high GPA goal. Yes, I'm a little more responsible than I was when I was 19, I guess. And of course be diligent in seeking for a beautiful daughter of zion. ;) haha That's just some of my goals for home. I have many more for both on the mish and for home. I really love being here. It's great learning from other missionaries and from President and Sister Rust. Like you said Gods plan is perfect! I know that I can choose happiness in the hardest of situations. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and doeth nothing save it be for the benifit of his children. I love it here. This week is Elder Zhdanov's last one. It's crazy to think. He passes on his love to you all. I will be able to send him off at the airport though. I'll pass on your love as well. I did get Wrandi's package but not yours yet. Thank you so much Wrandi your the best! Great gifts. I hope you all have a Happy New Year!!! Take care and God bless you everyone. :)

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