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Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

So this week was a busy one. First off we had leadership training for the trainers and trainees. Then we had zone leader council. They were both great spiritually uplifting experiences. President and Sister Rust are great teachers. It's great hearing from them. We also traveled to Kurgan this weekend for church. We went in Presidents car. It's about a 5 1/2 hour ride there. The scenery is pretty, much like Utahs. There were a lot of pines and stuff on the side of the road, pretty interesting. It was my first time in Kurgan and it is a small but great branch. The missionaries there are all champions and work really hard. The work is going forward. Elder Parson and I are still trying really hard to find new investigators and trying to be creative with our ways. We did receive a rare media referral this last week, that was a success. She is about a 30 year old woman with a small child. When we stopped by she said she didn't really remember ordering a Book of Mormon. But she was nice and wanted to meet, so we passed her over to the sisters. It will be cool to see what comes from that.
This week we are heading up to Chelyabinsk to do some exchanges with the Elders up there and draw up some new boundaries for the new area that we are opening up there. It's great that we are finally getting up to our quota of around 50 missionaries and being able to establish these centers of strength. So now in Chely there will be 4 sets of missionaries. We are also opening up two new area's in Ekat but we already drew up those boundaries last week. This is the last week of the transfer so we are trying to get everything prepared and ready for when the new missionaries come in. Our mission is so great. We have a strong unity here because it is so small (well by the amount of missionaries anyways, land wise it's anything but small). We really have a culture of obedience and hard work. It's great being able to serve and work with all the missionaries here. This morning my study topic was teaching by the spirit. I read that conference talk "Teaching After the Manner of the Spirit" It opened my eyes again. The one thing that really stuck out to me was when he said that rather than asking ourselves: what can I do to help my children, class, or investigators or missionaries as in my case or what can I do for them? Instead, We should ask ourselves: What can I do to help them learn for themselves? You see because really the Holy Ghost is the teacher and when they get the answer straight from Him for themselves on what they need to do and then apply it in there lives, it's so much more effective than just hearing it from me or my companion and teaching "in front of the Holy Ghost". I know that it seems really simple when written out but more often than not I ask myself the very question that he says we should not ask. I ask what can I do to help this investigator or this missionary? When really the correct question is, What can I do to help them learn for themselves? So I have started applying that in my life. That is my new question that I ask myself. I really enjoy it and it brings teaching into a whole new light.
Things here are going great! I love the work. Thanks for your love and prayers. My prayers go out to you as well. Love you much!
Elder Buxton
Tell Doni congrats on the new baby. That's so exciting, pass on my love to him and the family.

Tell Candy cane thanks for her letter and that it was all understandable. I'm glad that she is studying PMG, it is the best. I know that it will help her. Remember to always find comfort in the scripts. Love Cars

Tell Vova (Elder Zhdanov) that I love him and am proud of him and that he should write me. There is no need to worry about a language barrier, he speaks English amazingly everything will be understandable.

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