Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 20, 2012

This week was sooo great! Elder Parson and I had a lot of time in our own area which is a really nice rare occasion for us. It was full of miracles! So first off when I was in Sergut, Elder Parson was in our area with Elder King and they were out on the street contacting. Well, they got really hungry so they went up to this kid about our age and asked him if he knew where they could find a sharuma(burrito type thing). Unfortunately, he didn't know. After he answered them, Elder Parson just started in, "well while we are talking to you, just so you know, we are here from America as church missionaries.... and we have a book of scripture that was written on the American Continent the same time as the Bible and talks about God's dealings with the people on that continent and how the Savior himself appeared to the people there. Elder P then asked if he would be interested. He said of course and took a Book of Mormon and and gave his number. We called him back and he has been reading the Book of Mormon every night before he goes to bed and is really enjoying it. He says that it's more clear than the Bible and it calms him down and gives him a peace. So we met with him by himself last Monday just in a mall and talked a little bit about who we are and we found out that he had already invited his whole work place to meet with us. So we set up a meeting at President's house on Wednesday. He showed up with a buddy and they are both so golden! We established our expectations on why we want to meet with them and then asked them what they want to get out of the meeting. They both said that they have the desire to come closer to God and know more about him. They want there to be more good in the world and less evil. It was a great meeting with an outpouring of the Spirit. They both took the commitment to read and to pray about the Book of Mormon. (Name) even pretty much bore testimony to (name) about the truthfulness of it. In the end we knelt down with them and had a kneeling prayer on the first meeting. It was great! Okay now for the second miracle! Remember our boy V~? The one who lives 250 kilometers out of the city and we got permission to teach him over skype? So unfortunately his computer is down right now so we can't skype but we still do have pretty much daily contact with him. So this last week we called him up and asked how his reading was going. He said that he read the whole Book of Mormon and knows that it's true. Then he said that after reading it, he gained a love for the scriptures and went out and bought himself a New Testament and is reading it as well. It was a huge testimony to us of the power of scripture. We only had one meeting with him before he left the city and invited him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We also asked him if he would be baptized when he can to know that it was true. He said yes.:) He was sincere in his search for truth and got his answer. The Book of Mormon changed his life. He now has a love for scripture! So great. The Lord is really helping us along here in this part of his vineyard. Right now we have 3 potential Priesthood baptismal candidates. Oh yeah by the way N~(who I baptized) got her mission call this week to the Russia, Rostov mission. What a great experience to see! She'll be a great missionary. I have been so blessed with so many miracles on my mission. Some people may view the mission as a sacrifice but I view it as just one huge blessing. I have learned so much about everything. I realize that's a really general phrase but oh well. ;)
Crazy to think that Cohen can be 3 already! He was just a little tike when I left. Geez now when I get back Avery will be the size Cohen was when I left. Time really does fly! I think that it's cute that he says twain and ice tweam. Tell Jamie not to worry about it because I think that she probably does. ;) It's just cute.
That story about Jeana and Wayne really touched my heart. What great parents. Tell them that it is so great. It's true, I really don't see any down syndrome kids here. I have only seen about one or two my whole mission. I have actually wondered why. I hope that all goes well and let them know that they are in my prayers. Down syndrome kids are really so caring and loving. I doubt that they will need help but really if they do,I can translate. Right now that's a big part of what I do so they can give me a holla. :) when I'm home of course.
I'm loving the mish so much!
From Russia with love,
Elder Buxton

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