Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

So this week was phenomenal! Some of the days seemed to be really long but as a whole the week went by really really quick! D~ is doing really well. He is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and we are sending him chapters through texts that he can read. He is loving it and this week he shared with us how he has seen the Book of Mormon change his life. He talked about how before he seemed to be quick to anger and would yell and get mad really quick but now that he reads the Book of Mormon he is more peaceful and slow to anger. When he prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true he got his answer in a dream that it was true. He is loving it and is sticking up to his buddies and family that the church is a good thing so he is pretty strong. Also M~ is doing well. He just works a lot so it's really hard to meet with him but we call him often and he is doing really well. We also have a new investigator named V~ who is coming to church regularly, and reading the Book of Mormon. We had a really special experience this week (well it was special to me). I just can't really explain it that well in email but here goes a whirl. Elder P~ and I were out exploring our area just trying to get to know it a little better and conversing with people a long the way before we had to get to our meeting with D~ at the church. It came time to head to our meeting and we were in an area that we didn't know very well but we jumped on a tram that said it would take us at least back to an area that we knew. We got on and it only went one stop before it broke down, but it was already an area that we knew a little better. So we found a bus that would take us to the church. We ended up getting there a little early. We were hungry so we stopped by the Subway to get some food. We ate and when we were about to leave I looked up and there was this man looking our way and he looked really familiar so I took a double glance. Then we recognized each other. It was a man named A~. Elder P~ and I met with him my first week in Ekat. He was a taxi driver that took us to the office when we took the new missionaries there to get their second passports. We created a really good relationship with him when we met. He suffers from some depression and stopped meeting with us. I got up from the table and went over to talk to him and to my surprise he gave me a hug and told me how glad he was to see us. We chatted for a bit and then the conversation moved to that I will be coming home pretty soon. He said well I want to meet with you again and I want my son to meet you as well. We then got his new number and we will be meeting with him and his son this week.:) He is a great guy. I know that the Lord lead us right to him even if it was just in Subway. So many events lead up to it that I just didn't have time to include in this email but it was really exciting and humbling to see.I have a good recording probably more understandable of it in my journal, so we are all good! It sounds like Stake Conference was great as usual. I always love hearing spiritual experiences and I agree "The Living Christ" is wonderful. So powerful.
So it's crazy that you received my flight plans!The middle of April really is just coming up so fast. That's pretty funny that they said I arrived here on Feb 7, 2010. I guess I did a couple of extensions and not just one haha. It is kind of a bitter sweet feeling. I really am excited to see you all but I have so many family and friends here as well. It will be very hard to leave. I love my mission. Also I would like to know what topic I will be speaking on in Sacrament. This week will be a busy one. We have Zone leader Council and then Elder P~ and I are headed up to Chely to do some splits. Zone conferences are coming up as well so we are excited for that. I love you all thanks for all your support. The best Fam and Friends in the world!
Elder Buxton

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