Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

So this week was phenomenal as ever! It started off great with a superb zone conference in Ufa. It was based around the Book of Mormon and it was sooo powerful. It was a sight to see and hear the spirit as all the missionaries that we love and work with bore solemn testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. We watched the movie "How rare a possession" and it is such a great film. I knew the Book of Mormon was true before my mission but I have come to know the converting power of it while on my mission. What a great book that testifies of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After the zone conference I set a goal to re-read the Book of Mormon one more time before I come home and mark all the references made to Jesus Christ. That is an average of about 20.5 pages a day and so far I am on track. I'm just a little into 2nd Nephi and its been a really eye opening experience. When you read it quick it opens up the whole story a lot quicker of course. I have realized really how often and quick Laman and Lemuel forgot the Lord. Also it's amazing to see how often I am marking. There are so many references to Jesus and its just been a fascinating study for me. So after zone conference we came back to Ekat and we had the Ekaterinburg district conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was such an uplifting conference. Saturday we had to translate pretty much the whole day. There was training that went on and an adult session as well. One of my favorite parts was the Sunday session. They had a few future missionaries go up and bear their testimonies before they take
off in the near months. One of them was N~ and she bore such a powerful testimony. It was such a tender mercy of the Lord for me to be able to see someone who I worked so closely with get up and bear her testimony that she is going to go out and do the same thing and share the gospel with the world. She is leaving a lot behind as most Russians do to serve a mission. Another missionary A~ got up and bore his testimony as well and it brought tears to my eyes. He talked about how his family aren't members and how his mom always asks him why he is going on a mission and he says that it's hard every time she asks but that he thinks to himself. "Mom, I'm going on a mission so that you will get baptized, so that my whole family will get baptized
and we can live together forever. I'm also going on a mission to help other families have that same opportunity that I will have because I know that this gospel is true and that it's my responsibility to share it with the world." It was so powerful! His conversion story and how he is able to go on a mission are incredible. He is going to serve in Manchester, England by the way. Also after district conference I was able to give the Melchizedek priesthood to one of my very good friends from C~. It was a great honor and I really enjoyed it. I also need you to send via email my line of authority so that I can pass it on to him. I seemed to have misplaced mine. :(
So D~ is doing really well and is still committed to the 14th. :) whoo hoo! He is going through a really hard time family wise right now though. We can really feel the power of the adversary trying to stop him from progressing. However we know who is stronger! :) I sure hope that I will be able to see him baptized before I go but if not I know that he will still get baptized. He's solid. V~ is doing so well. He is reading the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants everyday. He loves commandments! He is doing really well and is also progressing. He will come around soon I think.
I love you soooo much!
Elder Buxton
Hey, I have some extra time so I'm going to send a pic. Also I noticed that I missed a question when I re-read your letter. General Conference will be the weekend before I go home! So great! I love it. 5 conferences on the mish. I sure do love you a lot all of you.
first pic life is beautiful
Second me at sister R(a sweet grandma who is like 86 years old.) Great member
Sorry it wouldn't let me send it so I guess next week. :(
Love you soooo much

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