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Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Life is Beautiful:)
So this week was another fantastic week. Elder P~ and I had the wonderful opportunity of going to zone conference again. It was just as much or more uplifting than the last. My favorite part is always at the end when all the missionaries get up and bear their testimonies. There was an outpouring of the Spirit and I received some very personal revelation through some of the testimonies that I heard. It really was an answer to my prayers. It also helped me realize that the Lord answers prayers through others and how my testimony really can be an answer to someone else's prayer. I need to testify even more and allow the Spirit to do the teaching and testify of truth. We have such a solid set of missionaries here. I love them all. One other cool thing was that V~ is serving on a short term mission right now. He stayed at our place when they came into town. It was really great. I got to know him a little better and we laughed and talked about how he tried really hard to keep N~ from getting baptized and now he is not only baptized himself but preparing to serve a full time mission. We also had the opportunity to go to C~ this Sunday and attend church. It was great to be able to see all my good friends that I have come to know and love and be able to say goodbye to them one last time. I really love my mission so much and I am getting really emotional as is it winding down to an end. I really am so thankful to the Lord for the things that I have learned here and the man that I have been able to become. I always want to keep this fire going and continue serving my Lord with just as much diligence in study, word and deed after the mission.

It sounds as if conference was amazing! I cant wait to watch it. We get to watch it my last week here in the country due to the fact that we are celebrating Easter throughout the world as a church this next weekend. I really can't wait. Oh by the way, some really cool news, Sister W~'s (a sister in our mission) dad got called to the first quorum of the 70! Really cool huh? Listen for his name on the Saturday session. Oh how I love conference. Such a great experience. It was only my second week on my mission that I had my first conference and now on my last week of my mission I will have the opportunity to watch it for the 5th time.

D~ is still doing pretty good. Unfortunately he will not be baptized on the 14th. He is such a great boy though and I am so grateful for the chance to work with him. He is so sincere and really has a desire to follow all the commandments. The members here have been such a great support and have been catching the fire of missionary work. One such member who is fellowshiping the investigator D~ is a member named D~. He is a great guy. He is actually a Korean but Russian is his native language. He recently got back from a mission to Korea though so he is a solid guy. He has been an angel to us and has even been calling D~ and setting up meetings at his house for us. Its been so great! (little side note: Elder Parson and I ate dog at his house last week! Interesting...)

V~ is doing really well. He is studying really diligently and is progressing well. Members have also been such a huge support to him and they all love him. The members have really been stepping it up. We invited V~to be baptized again and he declined. I believe that he will come around pretty soon if he continues his diligent studies and searching.

I'm so happy for Wrandi and Tyson getting settled in sounds as if things are going great. The Lord really does do everything for a reason. His plan is perfect. Cohen and Avery sound so cute! I am definitely going to live with them.

That's a huge bummer about M~. I will for sure keep him in my prayers and go over and visit him and help him out with the Russian. I'll be needing some help as well to remember it. V~ wrote me not too long ago and said that he went on a split with him and that M~ was a really good teacher. Tell him he is in my prayers.

The work is the greatest thing on earth! I love it so much. I have learned so much and am continuing to learn. There is no experience that I would trade for this. I love it soo much!
I love you all!
From Russia with love,
Elder Buxton

Some really sad news. All my pictures from my whole mission just got deleted some how. :( :( :( and I didn't have a back up. I feel terrible.

Oh well, I guess life goes on. Please pray hopefully I can figure something out. I love you so much. Just remember life is beautiful. Bad things happen but we can choose our attitude. I'm just a little sad right now because my whole mission's pictures are gone. But we'll see what happens. Love you:)

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