Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey hey hey! This week was a week of kind of ups and downs but of course more ups as always. :) Our one investigator (who follows all the commandments) told us that he has no desire to be baptized in our church. Even though he knows that it's true. He won't pray about it either. :( The interesting thing is that he still wants to meet with us. We are going to meet with him this week and explain to him that if he is not going to act at least by praying that we don't think we can meet with him. Also ~~ is struggling. We don't know what it is but something is eating at him right now. He didn't come to church again this weekend for the 3rd weekend in a row. We were only able to meet once with him this last week. However, we do have a meeting with him coming up. It should be good. We hope that he will open up. Unfortunately, they don't have the 12 step program here. They have the booklets but no one teaches it besides us. I have done it before on my mission so maybe we will give it a try with him as well. I agree that it can work miracles if the person doing it is committed. Now for the great news!!! The other V~ that I wrote about 3 months ago that we met with once. He lives outside of the city. He read the whole Book of Mormon and it changed his life. Well, he came back into town and he is GOLDEN! When we met with him the first question Elder P~ asked was "What do you remember about Joseph Smith?" He then went on to tell us the whole story which proved that he really did do some studying on his own. He said that after he read the Book of Mormon, that it has made him want to make his life better and now he is following the commandments that he understood from it. He accepted a baptism date for the 21st of April and was excited about it. He said that he is probably moving to Ekat forever. This last weekend he went back home to see his parents and to grab some more of his things. He is returning today so we will be able to meet with him this week. For Easter we went to Kurgan a little city in our mission. Well, little as in around 400,000 people or so. It was a great experience. I had planned on giving almost the same talk that I have planned to give at home. That morning President Rust reminded me that it was Easter so I had to change my whole topic around again haha. So of course I talked about the Savior and his atoning sacrifice. It truly is humbling to think about all that he did for us. This spring season is so wonderful and symbolic of his Resurrection. Everything is coming out of darkness, blooming and it is just a happy scene. I love spring. It is a time of rebirth. I enjoy it because I can look at my life and realize the things that I need to get back into line and do better at. It is always possible to become better through the Savior. Well I love you all so much. This has been the experience of my life. I love my mission!! You are right mom this isn't the end, it is only the beginning. So my appointments go ahead and keep them. As soon as things are taken care of at home, I'll be moving to the SLC because I'm pretty much a city boy now days anyway.;) I can't remember the last time I lived in a city with less than a million people in it. haha. This last week we had Zone Leader Council and some of our email rules got changed so now I am only allowed to write each parent one letter and we aren't even allowed to write our siblings but we can write one friend who is on a mission. So tell my sisters that I want to write them but the rules changed and that I love them sooo much and to thank them for their love and support. I love you all. Thank you soo much my dear family and friends. I owe the world to you.
Elder Buxton
p.s. Can't wait for conference.

Oh yeah by the way you need to check out a few songs on a CD called "The Work" before I come home. I love them soo much they make me cry when I listen to them. One, I think is called "Bless my Son" track 7. It's about a mom praying for her son and I think of you each time. And the next one is track 14 maybe called "The Hardest Thing I Ever Loved To Do " it talks about the hardest things that a missionary has to do from the beginning of his mission to the end and it gives me flashbacks of my whole mission. The last verse is what brings me tears of course because it's where I'm at right now. I love you soooo much. please do
everything you can to find those songs and tell me about them next week. :) love you sooo much.

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