Elder Buxton at the Kyiv Temple while on a visa trip

Monday, April 16, 2012

Privet Friends and Family,
Well I guess this is the last one.... It's really hard to know what to write about…. I have come to love this time that I have spent here in this part of the Lords vineyard. The field is white already to harvest! We are seeing miracles. V~~ from out of town is doing sooooo well! He will for sure be baptized in a week or two and it has been such a humbling experience to teach such a prepared person. He came to conference on Sunday, so we watched it in Russian with him. He really enjoyed it. We had a fantastic lesson with him this week and we taught him The Plan of Salvation. When we got to earth life, we explained the things that we have to do in this life in order to return to live with our Father in Heaven which is have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end. He loved it! He said "Well, I already have faith in Jesus Christ and am trying to repent every day. I already agreed that I would be baptized and I don’t really know all that much about the Holy Ghost right now, but I'm guessing that you will teach me about it later. So yes I accept to do that too. The hardest thing will be enduring to the end but I commit that I will do my best." He is so golden! Also another really wonderful experience happened this weekend when we were sitting in conference with V~~~ in walked L~ and Y~, S~ mom and dad! I was in shock. They both remembered me. Elder P~ and I are going over there to meet with them tonight! I was so excited that they came. I don't think that Y~ has ever been to church before but he came and loved it. I will give you the update on that when I get home. :) They are such nice people. Conference was wonderful. I really loved Priesthood Session and all the talks that were given there. Elder Bednar's talk really was powerful. I loved it. President Eyring's talk on the sealing power really opened my eyes up as well and I love President Monson's talk as well. I really loved it all. It was such a great conference that I really don't know what to say was my favorite. I liked the talk about the church and gospel and the differences there and how they need to be united. I also really liked Henry B Eyring's talk on trials and how they are really blessings in our lives. I know that is so true. This has been the best two years for my life by far. I could not have gained this knowledge and love for the Lord anywhere else. I love Russia. It really is heart wrenching to come home and exciting at the same time. I have gained a love for this country and these people, fellow members, fellow missionaries, and even just friends on the streets. I love all of them with all my heart. Elder P~ and I were talking the other day about how it is such a happy satisfying feeling to walk up to a stranger on the street and tell them about Joseph Smith and how he restored the true church of Christ and then give them a Book of Mormon. It is an irreplaceable feeling of happiness. The Spirit is the key to the work. If it wasn't for Him testifying of truth then no one would believe the story that we just told them. I really love this gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ. Through Him all things are possible. I love you all soo much and am really excited to see you. Thank you for the support and prayers and love that you have given me over these two years. Time sure does fly. God's plan is perfect. There is no place in God's plan for offence, unkind words or thoughts towards another person. Let's keep our focus on the eternal perspective. This is the true restored church of Jesus Christ. This is His work.
Stay Golden!
Elder Buxton
P.S. I had such a huge spiritual experience this morning and learned the biggest lesson of my whole mission. I will share it with you personally later. It’s just hard to explain over email. My heart really is torn in 1000 ways right now. I love you sooo much and am really excited to see you but it’s tough not knowing when I will see these people I love so deeply again. Good thing we have online access though. I also have some good goals and plans to help me transition and stay on this path I’ve come to know and love. I love you sooo much!!

Hurrah for Israel.~~

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